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Dead On Live: Chapter 2

Chapter 2


  Tamma sat in a taxi as cars zoomed by him, his eyes glowing brightly. He thinks as he looks around, humming as he stares off. “They want me on a show, huh?”

  “Yes, Mr. Mosko.” The taxi driver spoke. “Mr. Kurgis considers you a wonderful guest to have.”

  Tamma hums. “I do have a question, though..”

  “Ask away, Mr. Mosko.” The taxi driver smiles.

  Tamma leans back. “I won’t be..bad mouthed..will I?”

  “..No, sir.” The taxi driver slowly answers. “That’d be wrong of Mr. Kurgis to do.”

  Tamma smirks, nodding. “Good.”

  “Why’d you ask that, Mr. Mosko?” The taxi driver asked.

  Tamma’s smirk grew. “Let’s just say..I wish to take my life into my own hands, per say.” He shrugs. “Tired of living by everyone else’s rules, you know?”

  “I see, sir..” The taxi driver took a deep breath, then stopped the taxi. “We’re here.”

  Tamma nods, getting out of the taxi and fixing his shirt.

  “Would you like me to get your suitcases, sir?” A butler asked. 

  Tamma nods. “Just let me have the small silver suitcase..it’s a personal one.”

  “Yes sir.” The butler bows, grabbing the other suitcases and placing them on a cart.

  Tamma grabbed the small silver suitcase, then followed the butler all the way to the elevator, silent.

  “Mr. Kurgis gave you the 17th floor. Is that okay, sir?” The butler asked as he entered the elevator.

  Tamma nods. “Did he give me a soundproof room?”

  “Yes, sir. Soundproof with a big tub and free wi-fi.” The butler spoke, pressing the button to the 17th floor as the elevator door closed.

  Tamma smirks. “Thank you.”

  “You’re welcome, Mr. Mosko.” The butler spoke as the elevator door opened up to the 17th floor. He walked out, rolling the cart of Tamma’s suitcases in front of him.

  Tamma follows, still carrying the small silver suitcase as he enters his hotel room. 

  “Mr. Kurgis will see you shortly.” The butler states, then left the room and closed the door behind him.

  Tamma smirks more, unpacking all of the other suitcases before hiding the small silver one underneath his pillow. He then changed into a suit and tie, black pants and shoes, humming as he heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” 

  “Mr. Mosko!” Donny smiles as he enters the room, walking up to Tamma and shaking his hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

  Tamma shakes Donny’s hand, smiling. “It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, Mr. Kurgis.”

  “The pleasure’s all mine, sir!” Donny sits down. “So, what would you like to eat?”

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