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Dead On Live: Chapter 1

Chapter 1



  “Mr. Kurgis, we must find something more..internationally appealing, per say.” A cameraman spoke. “Unfortunately, our ratings have gone down for the past few months.”

  Donny sighs, thinking. “Considering that most of the Supernatural Phenomenons happen in NYC, that’s basically our only hope..but who?”

  “Just someone..unordinary, sir.” The cameraman shrugs. “That’s all.”

  Donny suddenly caught a glimpse of something. It was on the television as he saw a firestorm engulfing NYC. “Turn it up!” He states.

  The cameraman turns up the television as the other cameramen and the director gathered around Donny, listening.

  “New York City just experienced its first major Firestorm as hinted by The Phoenix-Storm Prophecy!” The reporter on the television spoke, looking as frightened as ever. “Tamma ‘Hyku’ Mosko unleashed a wild Firestorm yesterday, but thankfully, most of the damage was undone. Over 170 people were killed and 300 more were severely injured or wounded.”

  Donny’s eyes widened. “Tamma..someone look up that name immediately!” He shouts.

Another cameraman went behind the computer, typing something up. “Mr. Kurgis..that’s the name of the Fox God incarnation.”

“Fox God..” Donny smiles. “I want that man on my show! Contact him, get him a plane ticket, a hotel and a ride here immediately!” He orders.

All of the people immediately began to do exactly that, looking as excited as Donny felt.

Donny smiles. “Mr. Mosko..you’ll be a wonderful person to interview.”


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