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Mallkim Vdekja

Mallkim is a human, that much cannot be disputed. However, rather than being part of the race of humans we know today, he is much….different.

Mallkim is a Primordial.

He is one of the first humans to exist in this world, which gives him a major advantage. Due to being so close to the the origin of creation, his body can naturally adapt to certain circumstances giving him immense power. His particular power revolves around death itself.

Before I can explain his power, I must tell you the circumstances which led to him gaining this power. He was born in a small village in what would be known today as Kosova, there he lived a life that was tough due to him and his village being new to this world. However, this life was fair as well, as once they learned how to survive, they managed to live a peaceful existence in their spot in the world.

Unfortunately, nothing good lasts forever, as anyone will tell you. A black mist rolled into his village, the source of it being unknown. It killed everyone in the village, except for Mallkim. You see, his father had gifted him an amulet years before, one that he stated was a special necklace that would protect you from curses. This black mist was such a curse….except the amulet didn’t work as Mallkim thought it would.

He was killed by the mist, but rather than have his life end there, the amulet seemed to channel the mist and resurrect him, pulling him back from death itself. He was originally glad to have survived, but after seeing the fate that befell his village, he wished he would have stayed dead. The mist resurrected the others, except this resurrection seemed false and broken. The members of the village became one of the first mindless undead, forcing Mallkim into hiding to prevent being killed a second time.

As time passed by, he learned that the black mist did something else to him. Having been one of the first sentient beings to actually die and come back, he gained a newfound understanding of life and death, allowing him to learn ways to manipulate death rather than fear it. After much practice, he eventually learned how to finally put the villagers to rest….along with his family. He buried them all, a practice never performed until he did so, and grieved for them.

Unfortunately, while the amulet protected him from the mist, it did not protect anyone else, and so he went on a journey to prevent the mist from spreading to the rest of world. He was successful, and helped save the planet from an untimely demise. Being a Primordial, his lifespan was indefinite, something he used to make sure that he could protect the world for years and years to make sure something like the mist would never occur again. While he was afraid that other Primordials might have suffered the effects of the mist, he worked his hardest to find any others who have survived. And if any of them weren’t so lucky…then he would put them to rest.

This is Mallkim Vdekja. The Deathmonger. The Undead Guardian of the Living.

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