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Demons In New York: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Todd Anderson was a blond-haired, brown-eyed officer with a thin body. His gaze pierced through the eyes of the customers, who immediately looked away from him.

“Well, are the devils coming out?” He states, his tone serious and filled with annoyance. “I don’t have all day.”

One by one, Karmin, Eli, Web, Veevee, Lola, Quince and Hyku all came out, immediately holding their hands in the air.

Todd smiles a little bit. “Good. Now get in the car. Or else I’ll force you in there.” He orders, watching as the group of seven all exited the bar and headed into the back seat of the police car.

“Boss, what do we do?” Web whispers. “We can’t just let them take us back to prison!”

Quince simply stared off, expressionless. His expressions were always like that; numb and unreadable. Not even a well-known Detective like Sherlock would be able to figure out what he’s thinking.

After five minutes of driving, Todd led them all out of the car and handcuffed them before taking them into the police station with him, sighing.

“You really have to always be vicious, don’t you?” He asked aloud, eyeing the group behind him harshly. “Because I’m getting tired of this..”

The group said nothing as they were taken into a single cell, all locked within it before Todd walked away.

“Great, just peachy.” Karmin grumbles. “Sir, right now would be the best time to figure out how to get out of here..again.”

This wasn’t the first time the group had been suddenly arrested. Todd has been chasing after them for almost five years now, and no matter how much George Brown—another NYCPD Officer—convinced him to do otherwise, he still did it.

This is going to be harder, though. Veevee signed, gesturing to the cameras in the cell. We’re going to need to get rid of those first..

Suddenly,  a silent Quince smirks devilishly, his eye lighting up. He just had a wonderful that might be a little bit more than bloody.

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