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The Divine: Elder Gods

The Elder Gods are the ruling deities and creators of the central universe, only being overshadowed by entities such as Prophecies and The Four Forces. Unlike Prophecies, whose powers are linked to the will of fulfillment of their created story and how they’ll be able to make their prophecy be fulfilled, the Elder Gods’ powers are more related to physical concepts such as life/death and the elements. Whereas other Gods only have jurisdiction over a single realm and typically represent an element, the Elder Gods are more ethereal and have power in all realms in the universe (all realma that don’t include runes to counteract their abilities). Their position is so rare that there has never been anyone else that has been proven to live up to the elder gods.

The Elder Gods include:

Khaos: The Living Abyss/God of Fate, Cosmos, and The Abyss

Gaia: Mother Nature/Goddess of Nature/Personification of the Earth

Tartarus: Imprisoned Soul/God and Ruler of Hellish Prisons

Chthon: Anarchy/God of Chaos and Anarchy

Eros: Kindred Spirit/ God of Love, Passion, and Desire

Bast: Panthress/ Goddess of Domesticity, Femininity, Cats, Ancestry, and Fertility/ Protector of Wakanda

Idun: Tainted Life/ Goddess of Eternal Youth, Health, Life, and Poison

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