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Dead On Live: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  “Mrs. Kurgis, you’ve been in your office for a while!” A cameraman shouts, knocking on the door to Lorlin’s office.

  Lorlin sighs. “Come ln, David.” She spoke.

  “Got it!” David came into the room, smiling. “Did you find anything?”

  Lorlin slowly nods. “I found..a lot.”

  “A lot?” David raised an eyebrow. “So this Tamma guy is real?”

  Lorlin nods again. “Apparently he’s some type of wanted person by the NYCPD and the NYCSI.”

  “Weird..” David hums. “Do you think he’s dangerous?”

  Lorlin slowly faces David. “Considering what he’s been through and what he can possibly do, yes.”

  “David, get the show ready!” Donny yells. “This’ll be a long one!” 

  David immediately left the room, smiling and closing the door behind him.

  “Stupid people..” Lorlin muttered, then blinks when her computer flickers. She jumps up, then silently heard the clicking of a gun’s safety before the lights in the office went out with a bang.

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