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Velvet: A ‘Heroic Villainy’ Story

  [Day 1,463. 11-12-N/A.]

  That was my first writing within my Logbook for the day, although it was moreso a Sheet to fill out. According to some Doctors and Nyx, it was to ‘help me remember things’, but I don’t fully believe that statement. Per usual, though, I wrote it the majority of what was needed down in my small office, continuing to write despite my feelings of boredom.

  [I feel..Relaxed, Quiet and Patient today. I took Oxycodone at exactly 1:15 this morning. I have not eaten yet. I rewoke at 6:48 AM. No plans for today as it stands.]

  Feeling happy with what I wrote down, I placed my Logbook in its designated drawer before exiting the office and entering the kitchen. As I looked around, I came across Nyx and—for obvious reasons—looked up at her with a wave.

  ”Good morning, Velvet.” Nyx spoke to me while pulling out various ingredients for what I assume is breakfast. “How’d you sleep?

  For a second, I felt like speaking. But paranoia forced my body to not make a sound, so I gave a thumbs up in response instead.

  Good, very good.” Nyx replies as she began making breakfast. “You can sit down. I’ll get you served with breakfast first, then give you today’s Mindtasks.

  I nodded before sitting down at the table. For me, Mindtasks were small objectives meant to help me with everything that’s happened to me. They’re usually simple and I don’t really complain about it much, especially since both Nyx and I found out I do it better while multitasking; specifically doing it while eating in order to lessen the stress on my mind.

  It only took Nyx about 10 minutes to cook as she served me and herself a plate of French Toast, bacon and scrambled eggs. And as I ate, she’d pull what I referred to as ‘The Mindcase’ since it had all my Mindtasks in it.

  And..there.” Nyx finished setting up everything and gently pushed it all to my direction. “Whenever you’re ready.

  I nodded, munching on my French Toast and looking at what I tasked with today. The first was a simple task of ‘Animal-Emotion Drawing’—also called A-ED—where I’d draw an Animal to express my current emotions. So while I ate, I decided to draw something first.

  Eventually, my drawing was complete and I slid it over to Nyx. It was a rather simple drawing of a multi-colored Feline I had nicknamed ‘Octo’, with the Emotion of the Animal—and myself—being confused curiosity.

  “Octo today. Very good.” Nyx spoke and gives me a nod of approval, gently taking the drawing from me and setting it into the Mindcase.

  I nodded in response and completed my other three Mindtasks while finishing my breakfast; Reading a paragraph, a completing small puzzle and finishing a Fine Motor Activity involving Coin Sorting. And eventually, I was done with it all and sat there, awaiting further instructions like usual.

  Excellent job.” Nyx states after putting everything back in the Mindcase, facing me again. “But I do wanna inform you that we will have to leave the house. The A.N.G.E.Ls wish to see you again..

  I froze at the mentioning of the A.N.G.E.Ls. I knew they were a group I had encountered back in that Institution I was originally in. I also knew that they and Nyx barely got along, although all three of us knew that she was strong enough to get rid of them completely if they tried anything. But other than that, I didn’t know much about them..or if they’re truly good or not.

  ..Are they..good today..?” I asked, my voice slightly shaking as I spoke.

  Nyx nods, taking my hand. “They’ll be good, I promise. But unless you wish to stay awake, I may need to—

  Sedate me..” I cut Nyx off, already knowing what she was going to say. “..Please..

  Nyx paused, but nodded. And after pulling out the briefcase, she’d soon sedate me gently through an injection. Afterwards..everything went black. For now, at least

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