The Tales Of Titonus: The Realm Long Forgotten |Page 6|

Vince’s dare. As we sat down for breakfast, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that there was more to this dare than meets the eye.


When I caught Vince glancing at me during breakfast, he would quickly return to eating his food. My favorite dish since I was a kid is dragon-steamed onigiri, which is what I had ordered. While Vince was contentedly chowing down on some cedar plank salmon, Crystal had placed an order for tortilla de patatas, which I had never heard of before. Despite being one enormous continent, Titonus was divided into various areas based on its earthly gateway. I grew up eating a lot of spiced food because I was born in the Asian region of Titonus. The Asian region of Titonus is known for its diverse and flavorful cuisine. From aromatic curries to fiery stir-fries, the spiced food I grew up eating always left a lasting impression on my taste buds. Whether it was a steaming bowl of noodles or a plate of fragrant rice, every meal was a celebration of unique tastes and flavors. I chose to strike up a discussion to break the ice. “So, specifically, which region are you two from? since those dishes don’t really resemble the foods I grew up eating. The awkward silence persisted until Crystal said, “I am from the European region, which is another reason why you might not realize my meal is a vegetarian dish.” Although not infrequent, vegetarianism was not particularly widespread in Titonus, as most people simply consumed whatever they needed to survive while also incorporating their own distinct flavors. “I’m from the North American region, and this is actually one of the very few things I can eat because, unlike Crystal, on account of me being a vampire, I can only eat meat”. Being one of Titonus’ two wild territories, I was intrigued when Vince mentioned the North American region. There were no rules or kingdoms, and the land was said to rule over itself. Vince’s origins there only contributed to his aura of mystery. I was drawn to Vince’s mystery and felt a faint flush come over my face just thinking about it, even though I chose not to pursue the matter further in order to avoid raising more questions in my mind about him. As I lifted the last dragon-steamed onigiri to my mouth, Vince grabbed my wrist and prevented me from continuing. “May I try some, Augstin?” Vince’s face was gentle and intrigued when I absentmindedly gave him the onigiri. I then realized that I should have warned him about the spice-infused rice it was made of, as he was taking a bite out of it. “Wait, Vince! Your taste buds won’t be able to tolerate the spice-infused rice used to make it!” I exclaimed, hoping to save Vince from the fiery sensation that was about to engulf his mouth. However, it was too late, as he took a bite, and his face immediately turned red with a mixture of surprise and pain. Vince was a vampire, so I assumed the red liquid in his glass was animal blood. I watched as he swiftly reached for it. “Vince, I’m very sorry. I suppose I should have warned you, but I just… forgot.” I rarely had trouble remembering things, especially when they were really significant. “It’s alright, Augustin. I’m not blaming you; I should have known based on the scent of it”. While Crystal was finishing her tortilla de patatas, Vince and I were waiting because we had already finished our meals. Vince abruptly and gently pulled on my arm, attempting to get me to follow him. Since Crystal was taking her time eating, I thought it would be okay to move away from the table for a short while. Vince led me into one of the dimly lit booths that were arranged next to one another along a single wall of the inn. “All right, Augustin… About Crystal, I had a question for you.” There appeared to be a trace of jealousy in Vince’s statements. “I was wondering if you liked Crystal.” The question made my blood flow to my cheeks, making me flush. “N-no!” Why could you

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