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Marian Hawke

Marian Hawke, born into a family of mages, grew up in the remote village of Lothering in Ferelden. As the eldest daughter of Malcolm and Leandra Hawke, Marian learned early on to hide her magical abilities from the Templars. Her father, Malcolm, a wise and skilled apostate mage, was her mentor. He taught Marian not only how to control her powers but also the importance of using them responsibly. Her mother, Leandra, a noblewoman from the Amell family in Kirkwall, instilled in her a sense of justice and empathy, balancing her father’s more pragmatic teachings.

The tranquility of her early life was shattered with the onset of the Fifth Blight. The darkspawn horde’s devastation forced the Hawke family to flee Lothering. Tragically, Marian’s younger brother, Carver, died during their escape, leaving a deep scar on her heart. This loss profoundly affected Marian, shaping her future decisions and relationships.

The family’s journey to Kirkwall, the city of chains, was fraught with challenges. To enter the city, Marian struck a deal with a smuggler named Athenril, agreeing to work off her family’s debt. These early experiences in Kirkwall’s underworld taught her the harsh realities of life outside the sheltered confines of Lothering and honed her skills in combat and negotiation.

In Kirkwall, Marian quickly gained a reputation for her strength and determination. Her natural leadership abilities came to the forefront as she navigated the complex socio-political landscape of the city, torn apart by the tension between mages and Templars. Despite her natural inclination to side with mages due to her background, she strove for a balanced approach, understanding the nuances and gray areas of the conflict.

Marian’s journey was marked by significant relationships, both friendly and romantic. Her friendship with Varric Tethras, a charming and witty dwarf, was a source of strength and camaraderie. Her romantic life was equally complex, as she found herself drawn to the enigmatic elf, Fenris, whose tortured past and views on magic and freedom often challenged her beliefs.

As Marian’s influence grew, she was reluctantly thrust into the role of a leader and a symbol of change in Kirkwall. Her actions and decisions played a pivotal role in the tumultuous events that unfolded, shaping not only her destiny but the future of Kirkwall and Thedas itself.

Marian Hawke’s story is one of resilience, leadership, and the constant struggle to find a balance between power and responsibility. Her legacy is defined by her choices, her battles, and the relationships she forged in a time of chaos and upheaval.



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