XV Origin Story

Log: MARCH 4th 17:03


The alarms were blaring in the hidden
facility deafening my ears I am running. Everyone is running. The lights were
flashing red on and off constantly not having any intentions to stopping.
Through the flashes I get a brief look of the horrors of what is happening to
this facility what was once new driven science to advance our generation
further into the future is now huge chunks of MOULD piled on top of each other
that is what we called this entity or at least what Dr. Lain called it he said
“it was harmless Virginia come on what’s the worst it’s going to do” what a
fool he was. Another red flash revealed to me the piles of bodies consumed by
MOULD I am running over on as well. I’m nauseated, I feel dizzy but I can’t fall
or I’ll easily become one of them. Suddenly an ear-splitting scream came down
from the end of the halls “EEEAHHHH!”. It sounded like it was in pain or was it
crying I can’t tell, but I must keep running…. I don’t want to die please God I
pray to myself but as I look around everyone else is dying why should God let me
walk when everyone here is suffering, but the thing is everyone in this
facility deserves what it gets including me. Next thing you know I end up at a dead end. One of the
safe doors closed the rest of the corridor to contain the threat. My heart
skips a beat “No?!” I screamed to myself as I was punching the doors it was
futile but I didn’t stop. I didn’t care! All I was hoping for was a miracle,
anything…CRACK! I scream in pain as my wrist broke the pain instantly washing washing over my hand. I looked down at it bloodied
and bruised. I asked for a miracle and all I get is a broken wrist. Tears
started steaming from my eyes messing up my makeup. Suddenly everything around me
stopped as the only thing I heard was the breathing of something behind me. I
slowly turned around to face the thing in front of me it was covered in Mould
it had what it seemed arms protruding from its sides it was upright and staring
at me like it knew me… because it did. And then it finally dawned on me this was once a
boy. A small fragile boy who me and Dr. Lain experimented and did horrors on
“this was all for humanity” he used to quote but looking back at everything I
did it wasn’t for humanity, I lost actually my humanity. This was when I knew that I
deserve this, I look at its supposedly eyes and it looks at me back. XV. That’s
what it was called his real name was lost the minute the boy entered this facility. “My first project”
I whisper to myself. It looked at me trying to figure out who I am. I was a distant
memory the MOULD was trying to dig up inside the boy. I look at the floor and next to me I
see Dr. Lain… dead, his face was grotesque, MOULD has taken over his body
contents of it was oozing out of his mouth he was also here I wonder what his
last thoughts were. I wanted to ask him out on a date today I was going to
bring it up at break but I guess I’ll have the date right now since we’ll both
be dead I guess we’ll have it at hell where we both deserve to go and right on cue the monster
screams in rage “EEEEAAAHH!” bits of mould stuck on to my face already
multiplying but I don’t flinch “I deserve this!” I shout to myself and to XV. I
see a flash of red from the lights, XV arm was up but it was different, sword like ready to
end it… end me “My name is Virginia Aloz and I deser-”

Log: MARCH 4TH 17:08

XV looked at the woman he just killed
her limp body hanging on to his sword like arm he was trying to recognise what
she was saying before he killed her but it was too late the MOULD was multiplying
around her body he threw her limp body at the door making a CRACK! XV screamed
but it was triumphantly because finally after all these years he was free.

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