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Desperate Times: Chapter 5

The crew pulled around the corner at the next intersection as the cop car slowly followed behind them. “SHIT!” screamed Jack. “What did we do wrong?!?” “Calm down” said Hunter. “It’s probably just a busted tail light.” The police officer got out of his car and slowly strutted toward them. Hunter turned down the stereo as the sound of Nicki Minaj slowly faded away. He rolled down the window and looked up toward the cop. “What seems to be the problem officer?” he asked in a calm voice. “We intercepted a photo of an ongoing robbery just a few blocks away. Do you know anything about that?” asked the cop. “No sir” said Ellie, Jack and Hunter all together. “I’m gonna need you all to come down to the station to answer a few questions” said the tall, intimidating officer. “Yes sir! We’ll head there straight away!” replied Hunter. “Actually, I’m gonna need you all to come with me.”

The trio stepped out of the car and walked slowly toward the cop car. They all got in the back seats, with their heads hanging down in shame. The ride to the station was silent; the officer didn’t say a word, to them, nor did Jack, Ellie, or Hunter dare to say anything in front of the cop. After about ten minutes, they arrived at the station. The cop walked them in and took them to the interrogation room.

“Wait here.” He said. The officer left Hunter, Jack, and Ellie together in the same room. Still a little skittish, Ellie looked at her two accomplices and said “He doesn’t have anything on us. We’re going to be okay.” “She’s right.” Said Jack “Just stay calm and play it cool. Nobody change their story and it’ll be fine.”

The cop walked in a few minutes later. “My name is Officer Brady. We are looking for a group of kids who robbed a house earlier this evening.” Mr. Brady threw a photo down on the table. It was a snapshot of a younger man’s bottom while climbing a deck. “That could be anyone’s gorgeous ass” said Hunter. “Hashtag…Heist nights” said the officer. “Did you honestly think we wouldn’t find this snapchat?” Ellie and Jack remained silent, while Hunter picked up the photo and silently admired Ellie’s choice of filter. “You mind if I get a copy of this?” said Hunter, now, hardly even concerned about his own incarseration. The office snatched it from his hands and walked back out of the room.

“Will you shut up.” Said Jack to Hunter. “I’m sorry…” he replied “It’s just such a pretty picture.” “You guys, we’re doing alright” said Ellie. “They don’t have anything on us. That picture could belong to anybody. If we keep calm, and don’t say anything, they have to let us go.”

Officer Brady walked back in, placed his palms on the table, and leaned in toward the group. “I will give you one chance to tell me what you know. The three thieves sat there, silent. “Okay…” he said “you’re free to go.” Jack, Hunter, and Ellie looked at each other in relief. They gathered their things and rushed out of the room. They kept their heads down as they left the police station and they headed back to the car.

After a short walk, they arrived back at the vehicle and hopped in. “What do you think happened?” asked Jack. “I don’t think they had enough to keep us there” replied Hunter. “But we gotta make sure to be extra careful now.” Hunter started the car, pulled around the corner, and set course back up to their school.

The drive back up North was quite; everyone was still in shock that they almost got caught. The music was softly playing in the background, but the standard singing and shouting was minimal.

After about an hour, the crew arrived back at the dorms. They stepped out of the car and each grabbed a bag from the trunk. Jack led the way to the back side of the building, to avoid gathering any attention. Jack unlocked the door and Ellie held it open for the gang. They slowly walked through the hall and made their way back to Jack’s dorm room; thankfully, his roommate was out for the weekend.

They set down their bags and unloaded them on the bed. Piles of valuables lay across the mattress, and they all stared down at its glory. They divided up the goods and packed them away. After the little stunt, they all had enough to pay off their debts and the rest of their tuition. “Okay.” Said Hunter. “We’re all going to have to take turns going to pawn shops and selling these. It’ll be pretty suspicious if we all go at once.” “Agreed” said Ellie. They all looked at each other and smiled.

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