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Desperate Times: Chapter 4


“Tonight’s the night, and it’s gonna happen again and again…” “I’m proud of you,” said Jack to Hunter, “we’ve been on the road for ten minutes and you’re already breaking out the fandom jokes.” “There is no other way to do it” replied Hunter.

It was about 7 O’clock when the team arrived downtown. They stopped briefly to gas up the car and grab some quick dinner. After a stop a Sonic, Jack, Hunter, and Ellie got back on the road, now with the rest of the Shrek soundtrack blasting in the car.

Hunter was finishing his slushi when Jack broke out the memes. Jack pulled out his phone and held the speaker near Hunter’s ear. Hunter instantly started laughing, and spewed a little blue slushi through his nose. Now, with cold slush and nerds on his lap, Hunter screamed “DUDE WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!” Jack, still cracking up about his little prank, replied “haha… I got you.” Hunter smiled, still trying to swallow the remaining slushi in his mouth and said “okay that was pretty good.” Ellie held her hand up between the two front seats and high fived Jack.

Just a few minutes later, the team pulled up onto Chris’ street. By this time it was dark, and no neighbors were out and about. They nonchalantly drove around the block, just making sure the family left for vacation, and that their timing was correct. In this situation, timing is critical. Hunter turned the car lights off and pulled around to street a few blocks away. He turned off the engine, glanced at Jack, glanced at Ellie and said “Are you ready?” They both grabbed their ski masks, pulled them over there faces, and nodded.

They exited the car, closed the doors in sync, and went to the trunk. It popped open and everyone reached in for their respective turtle neck. Now they were set for the heist. They rushed down the road and turned the corner onto Chris’s street. At the end of the block, the large house stood as the most decorated, prominent, but vulnerable house in the neighborhood. No lights were visible, on Chris’ house or otherwise. The trio hopped the fence and worked their way around to the backyard deck.

Hunter was the first to jump onto the hot tub cover. He stood on his toes and was just tall enough to reach the deck. He pulled himself up, and saw a flash of light as he heard a “snap” sound. He looked down at Ellie holding her phone up at Jack. “Are you taking pictures of my butt?” asked Jack. “No, its just for snapchat. Hashtag…heist night” said Ellie. “Oh” replied Hunter. “Just make sure you put a nice filter on it.” Hunter continued up the deck and over the railing and even added a summersault to look professional. He held out his hand for Ellie, pulled her up, and then held out his hand for Jack. Jack grabbed his hand and pulled himself up onto the deck. The treasures they have been waiting for lay just within.

Jack pulled out his lock picking kit, and got to work on the deadbolt. Ellie watched closely while Hunter hummed the toon to “It’s a small world” in the background. After about a minute, there was a loud “click.” Jack stood up slowly and slid open the door. “We’re in” he said. “sixty-nine seconds, you’re getting a little rusty there” said Hunter. Jack playfully nudged him, and put his lock picks back in his pocket.

Together, they took their first steps into the house. They all pulled out their flashlights and got a glimpse of all goods in the office. Two powerful computers stood in the corner on the desk, a few ipads were stacked on the table next to it, and a safe stood near the back of the room, where the real goods were kept.

Naturally, the safe was the main priority. Hunter worked his way to the safe, while Jack and Ellie started unplugging the computers. Shortly after, Jack and Ellie unlocked the front door, and quickly but discretely ran the desktops out to the car. Just a few minutes later, Jack and Ellie walked back through the front door to meet Hunter upstairs. Jack looked down at Hunter trying to crack the safe. “You’re still working on that? Do you need some help?” asked Ellie. “Uh I’ve seen the Italian Job, I think I know what I’m doing.” Ellie pushed Hunter aside and raised her foot. With a swift and solid kick, the safe door opened. “Huh…You see, that’s what I was gonna try next” said Hunter. “Right” said Ellie.

Hunter and Jack backed up and stood next to Ellie. They all raised their heads to look in the safe. On the top shelf, there stood a stack of silver bars, rare coins, and even a few ounces of gold. On the shelf just below, was an opened lock box with four bundles of cash, each made up of hundred, fifty, and twenty dollar bills. Next to the lock box, was a case with two watches, both Omegas. Ellie and Jack quickly gathered the contents of the safe and threw it in their backpacks. Hunter grabbed the ipads while Jack and Ellie zipped up their backpacks. “Set?” asked Hunter. “Set” replied Ellie and Jack. They closed the deck door and made their way to the front.

With their ski masks still on, they gently closed the front door and rushed to the car. They popped the trunk, through the goods in, opened the doors and hopped in. They all pulled up their masks “we did it” said Ellie. Hunter started the car and grabbed the aux cord. Music started blaring and the car took off down the street. The windows were down and the crew was celebrating, just thinking about the look on Chris’s face when he sees that all of the possessions he never deserved were gone. They pulled out onto the main road and took off in joy. In a matter of seconds, blue lights appeared behind the car and a siren was heard.


Desperate Times: Chapter 5

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