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My Character Sheet!

Name/Nicknames/Alias: Nova Stellar. Nickname is Spacey, and Alias is Avon (Male disguise)

Age or Date of Birth: 900 quarterdecillion (vineboom)

Sex/Gender: Genderfluid, Identifies as a woman

Pronouns: she/her

Nationality/Birthplace: The Stardust Nebula (Fiction)

Weight: 167 lbs (pounds) Average

Height: 6 ft 9 in. Average

Body Type/Build: Usual chooses to look muscular/skinny-ish

Class: Space God, check my World Anvil Page: 

Eye color: Galaxy Purple.

Hair Style: Long, free, and glossy.

Intelligence or IQ: 97

Wisdom/Charisma: Kind of infinite wisdom. She has a bubbly personality, so a lot of charisma.

Strengths: Space, Celestial, Galaxial Magic, Shapeshifter, any other magic.

Weaknesses: Kinda Emotional, vulnerable in a mental sense due to watching all her friends grow up and slowly die, as she stayed the same and didn’t age or die.

Talents: Making Friends.

Bad Habits: Might ignore someone when occupied, also will creep you out unintentionally.

Pets: Has a space bunny named Pace.

Other Traits and Creator Notes: Note: In character, will become emotional if her immortality/past friends are mentioned.

And that is my OC!

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