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Reborn to Hunt — Info Post

  Long ago, the small town of Kilerth stood in the center of the Nokomere Wood without any issues. However, it all changed one night when an Entity—now called a Sitillinster—suddenly arrived into the town. The Sitillinster would be named Sanamodeus, who would seem someone that’s beyond Human.

  Once she arrived, Sanamodeus would immediately become intrigued by the town she was in. And although the townspeople originally accepted her with no issues, they then changed their minds. You see, they all found out that Samamodeus possessed capabilities and traditions that were—obviously—seen as immoral by them. So, after a town meeting, they all decided to get rid of her through any and all means necessary.

  However…it didn’t work. In fact, it merely made things worse.

  Not only did Sanamodeus survive her Execution, she placed a Curse upon the entire town and even the Nokomere Woods. The Curse—which is now referred to as The Simonstrel Curse—is said to have gone like this;

Let my Kin of the Monstrosities be born
As they take what thy has torn

Let thy Living of Normality die and be reborn right here
As they run and hide covered in blood and fear

Kill what you must to thrive
Or be killed by something too immoral to survive

  With that, Monsters were born. The entire town of Kilerth was plummeted into a game of survival. And as the time passed to this modern day, the creation of Clubs would be created. Because no matter how strong one may be, everyone must stand together..or die alone.
Throughout the years after the Simonstrel Curse, many people became Monster Hunters who hunted Monsters around Kilerth. And as they started hunting, they soon found out that they all possessed something unique; a Hunter Capability.

  A Hunter Capability is a Hunter’s exclusive Ability that they possess after killing their first Monster by themselves. Once it’s unlocked, it allows them to do something that only they can do. This makes it where no two Monster Hunters can have the same Hunter Capability as it’s based on one’s personality, background and other factors. However, there is one thing common with all Hunter Capabilities; they’re all powered by Kalice.

  Kalice is a source of energy derived from once’s murderous desires and overall malice that also fuels all Hunter Capabilities. So once they run out of Kalice, they cannot use their Hunter Capability until it’s recharged. Not only that, but the overuse of their Hunter Capability can have a Kalice enter overdrive, causing damage or even death to the user until and/or unless they stop using their Hunter Capability completely. The side effects of overusing Kalice are permanent even if they turn off their Hunter Capability and can be easily spotted in the from of ash-colored black body parts and black lighting-shaped cracks around a Monster Hunter’s body.

  With the discovery of Kalice and Hunter Capabilities, the Monster Hunters were all able to create Clubs of themselves. Currently, there’s 5 Clubs that each have their own ideas of Monsters and such. This is each of them:

The Prowler Club:
  Known for being a mixture of Monster Hunters, Mercenaries, Hitmen/Hitwomen and Assassins, the Prowler Club is the biggest Monster Hunting Club in Kilerth. This Club is exclusive in the sense that it’s “Invitation only” in terms of joining. It’s also known to host Beast Bids; an annual event where all the Clubs come together to bid on Monster Parts, Weapons and even bid on the Execution of Monster Hunters, Monmen and Monsters.

The Plague Pack:
  The Plague Pack stands as the second biggest Monster Hunting Club and is the most infamous for the wrong reasons. They’re the only Club to not only practice the act of Necromancy through the use of Monster Spells and—occasionally—Kalice, but they also Resurrect the Monsters that they killed and make them become Servants. Not only that, but they require all Monster Hunters to perform/complete a Ritual in order to join them. Due to this, they’re considered as the Rivals of the Prowler Club.

The Slaughterhouse Syndicate:
  Serving as the smallest Club in Kilerth, the Slaughterhouse Syndicate is the only Monster Hunting Club to practice the concept of trading one’s own Body Parts and replacing them with Monster Parts. Thanks to this practice, they participate in a Black Market-like system of trading Weapons and such with other Clubs for Monster Parts. They’re also the only Club to be open for everyone and anyone to join.

The Terrorjaw Trio:
  This Monster Hunting Club only has 3 members in it..and they’re widely viewed as some of the most dangerous people within the town of Kilerth. They’re known as one of the more brutal and immoral Clubs around as they don’t like anyone else outside of their trio unless it’s the other Club Heads and are known to murder any other Monster Hunters they come across—even if it’s on-sight—if necessary. Alongside that, they sacrifice both Monsters and Monster Hunters in the form of a Ritual to keep Sanamodeus pleased, essentially worshiping her like a form of a God. This is also the only Club that doesn’t allow anyone else to join, only ever having allies or associates.

The Outcasts of the Unholy:
  Finally, there’s the most unique and mysterious Monster Hunting Club of all; the Outcasts of the Unholy. Within this Club is Monmen of various types who were outcasted by their peers and managed to survive both Executions and the annual Beast Bids. They are also the only Club who only kill Monsters when they find it necessary. Otherwise, they’re usually pacifistic and always on the move.

  Despite all of their differences, all five Monster Hunting Clubs have managed to stand tall together in light of the Simonstrel Curse. But although they are around now, there’s always the looming possibility of Monsters and other Monmen who may—one day—finally take them down.
Now one might wonder what both Monsters and Monmen are. Well, this is all of the Monsters created by Sanamodeus alongside the explanation of Monmen;

  A nocturnal Monster only seen at night, Vyimares are incredibly fast and agile and are able to move so fast it looks like they’re vanishing or teleporting. Their unique capability is their ability to eat anything and everything in existence. This makes them able to devour an entire Monster Hunter’s body in a matter of seconds without ever leaving anything behind. However, sunlight is extremely dangerous to them as even the reflection of it will immediately burn their skin on contact.

  One of the few Monsters to share Human-like intelligence, Undaelins are an all-Female Species who’re known for being strong enough to lift up an entire Mountain. They are Asexually Reproductive as well and possess extremely durable Scale-like skin that is completely immune to sharp Weapons and Bullets. Despite this, they are all naturally Deaf and cannot hear any sounds, forcing them to relay on visual movements to find their prey alongside predators. They also have no protection against internal-only attacks.

  Mistaken for the mythical legend of Harpies, Hootgons are actually the avian relatives of Wendihorsens. Capable of flying at extreme speeds, they are also extremely flexible and can move almost every single one of their body parts 360-degrees. However, like the Vyimares, they’re nocturnal and are much weaker in the daytime, but they aren’t harmed by the sun.

  As mentioned before, Wendihorsens are the equestrian variation of Hootgons who are usually mistaken for someone riding on a Horse. They possess the ability to Shapeshift into everything and everyone to perfection, allowing them to copy others’ appearances and voices. But they can’t mimic Capabilities and are the easiest Monsters to kill.

  Similar to the myth of the Mothmen, Limiths are Humanoid Monsters that resemble the traits of Moths. They’re able to produce Silk that they can use to trap their prey with and are even able to emit noises that sound like a baby’s cry. But similar to the Vyimares, they’re extremely weak to sunlight and even something bright—like a flashlight—will stun them temporarily.

   Lastly, there’s Skullsheams; the hardest Monsters to hunt for most of the Monster Hunters around Kilerth. They’re extremely fast, incredibly dangerous due to their poisonous fur and are so durable in physicality that they can withstand the force of being slammed into a steel wall. Due to this, they’re considered as a death sentence to kill and are known to be able to blend into any surroundings they’re around.

  Finally, let’s discuss the unique topic of Monmen. Monmen are considered to be rare Humanoid Monsters who were created unnaturally (I.E Transformation through an infectious bite) or naturally (I.E from a Human who happens to be infused with Monster Parts). Momen are the only Species to not only possess a Hunter Capability should they ever decide to hunt Monsters, but also have their own unique trait; a Leviathan Ability. Leviathan Abilities are similar to Hunter Abilities in that they’re exclusively unique per Monmen and come to life after a Monman reaches Adulthood. However, instead of being powered by Kalice, all Leviathan Abilities are fueled by Eldriblu; a unique Monsterous Energy derived from a Monman’s Monstrous Physicality. But both Eldriblu and Leviathan Abilities still function the exact same way as Kalice and Hunter Capabilities, making them almost identical.

  Whether it’s Monster, Monmen or Monster Hunter, all three Species are at the mercy of Sanamodeus. And with her appearance rumored to be coming soon, it’s only a matter of time before they all see what she’s truly capable of.

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