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Christopher Alexander (Vaher)

The Spirit of Helimire | True Neutral – Chaotic Neutral | This man flips through things to do like he flips through books, he’s known amongst the wealthy and those in need. A social chameleon in every sense of the word. He can be cruel, but he can love just as fiercely.

Also known as: Vaher / The Spirit of Helimire

Age: Appears mid/late 30’s | Immortal

Location: Helimire, Astor

Gender: Trans-man (Non-binary… ish)

Orientation: Gay | Polyam

Pronouns: He/Him

Species: Human???

Arcane Specialties: Dark Magic | Blood Magic | Necromancy

Occupation(s): Scholar | Researcher | Politician | Doctor | Writer

“Blood magic, necromancy, and the more arcane arts is what I specialize in, albeit as of recent. People need the information and I am the only one with the guts to put myself through potential harming to get this information. I can do it so easily, because of this immortality I have… I’ve lived and died enough times to realize that I don’t need to be scared of death anymore, that fear only keeps me from doing my god damned j o b.

Immortality is a burden at times, I wouldn’t wish it upon another person in my entire life. You watch those you adore perish and suffer. All I ever wish for in life is something normal, a normal life, without immortality, a time where I can forget all this, and figure out who I really am. Until that is a possibility, I’ll be cynical, thank you very much.”

Description ✧ A man coming at a solid six feet tall, average yet softening body under fine clothes, wavy raven black hair with streaks of grey that falls to his shoulders, one eye a deep blue, the other a milky blue, a large scar running through it from his hairline to just to the left and below of his lips. With a sharp, slightly hooked sharp nose, a chunky ring with a green stone always worn on his left middle finger, and a stare that almost sees through your soul. He carry’s with him a fine cane with the handle being that of a raven’s skull, a snake winding down the shaft just a bit. It is both for function and fashion, his left leg being broken to a point that even with his magic, couldn’t be healed totally.

Personality ✧ A stoic man who opens up around close friends and loved ones, Christopher Alexander is a social chameleon in any situation, flowing from one to another with practiced ease. From the lowest to the elite, he can find his way through any crowed. Dark humored and with a quick wit. With his friends he is soft spoken and laughs freely, a real laugh. With those he loves he can be different, depending on the time. One time he was loud and open with his love, making sure everyone knew, the second he was private and kept things to himself and his lover, and the final, he was a mix of the two. Then older and softer, as was his love. He can be stoic and cruel towards certain people he thinks deserve it, and still the blood on his hands leaves no pangs of regret in his chest.

One half of a pair of twins, Christopher Alexander was created to be something he never became, but came close to becoming, a creature that would be ruthless and cruel to anything he was sent after by one of those who created him. A bastard of a minor god who was a cruel man. But Christopher took to mostly only listening to the other who created him, a women, a goddess who is lost these days, Nalam is her name. She spoke of how humanity was largely good, how she made the twins watch humanity over the time when they were growing up, she pushed them to the choice of going to walk among the mortals. And they did so happily. Still, Christopher held the things his ‘father’ said to him in the back of his head on occasion, let that slip him into a more cruel form when he could be. But still, he was largely kind.

Christopher is also known as the Spirit of Helimire, having watched over its creation longer than his twin since he didn’t care to move around as much as she did. So he stuck around and helped make it into something amazing. From creation a grand library that would later become the largest library and museum in the world. The city…is his pride and joy, and that might be his biggest flaw. Along with this, his twin sister, Morgan, is equally as important to him as Helimire. If anything were to happen to her, his last largest connection to humanity, it would break him fully and he would become the creature he was created to be.

charisma ♦♦♦♦
kindness ♦♦♦
intellect ♦♦♦♦♦
integrity ♦♦♦
generosity ♦♦♦♦♦
temper ♦♦♦
maturity ♦♦♦♦
optimism ♦♦♦
manners ♦♦♦♦♦
humour ♦♦♦♦

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