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Kismis – Why Must Cupid Be Cruel To Her Own Self?

Kismis “Cupid”

Pronouns: She/her
Gender: Cis fem
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Demisexual Sapphic
Species: Goddess of love and beauty

Interests/Skills: Not relevant to story
Post traits: Motherly, Caring, Focused, Observant
Neg traits: Overprotective, Nervous, Overworked, Stressed

Skin color: Mid-brown
Eyes: Small pink eyes, on valentines day her pupils will change to hearts and every day of February her pupils are red
Hair: Dirty blonde hair with a red fade, long wavy hair with a braid leading to a bun in the back
Other: Always looks like she’s wearing makeup but she never wears it, Long eyelashes, always looks like she’s blushing
Clothing: She’s always wearing pink, usually formal clothing. Angelcore or light academia vibes, obviously lovecore as well

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I go by nix/daze/az/go/lulla/it/they pronouns :)

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