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aziel yawaraki character sheet


Aziel Yawaraki




 he/him they/them



Physical Appearance♣

 hes a 5’5 lanky but well built male with brown hair with a blonde wolf cut. he has freckles and black eyes as well as scars all over his body.


good with hand to hand conbant as well as long ranged attacks


 hes not good when hes caught off guard especially when you catch him off guard with a shirt on thats hard to get off, it take him a while


since the power that was passed down to him from his family was a peace of hair from a god he decided to incorporated that into a tattoo that he has on his back. that tatto is of two guns that which he can pull out and put back at will. but the guns can poff away after some impact. these guns are special because they can kill demons with ease but also maybe even a god?


130 (maybe but i know hes kinda smart)


when he was only 11 his mothered died from a demon and even since then he hunted demons out of hate. but after a few years he stoped being so careless and started to be more kind. he still hunts demons but now hes trying to injoy life like even him making his own bakery. hes much happer now but he still gets a bit sad now and again. (lol this is the short ver. )


sorryyyy the website is being mean so i canttt



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