Character Sheets

scp 9400 “the nephilim of hope”

object number:9400

name:glitch robert


object class:apollyon (cannot be contained)

destructive power:A




magic limit:A

containment procedures:scp 9400 is to be held in a standered apartment at [data redacted].

appearence:a kinda muscular teen with blue eyes (gold sometimes) and black hair, he wears a white t-shirt and yellow pants. he has 4 (2 pairs) white weathery wings, and a halo.

personality:glitch is a kind and brave person, he isn’t afraid to fight but likes to save fighting for a last resort. he is quiet charismatic and is a good negotiator, capable of talking many scps out of continueing their rampage.

powers:immortality,flight,regeneration,angel magic,light manipulation,obliterate (erasure),enhanced physical abilities,enhanced mental abilities

equiptment:level 5 security card,pistol

limits:demonic powers and weaponry can harm/kill him,anti reality warper bullets,lying (if he lies he will start to get weaker and eventually die).

fun facts:he is a scientist and an mtf unit,only level 6 clearence people and the O5 know that he is an scp,no tests have been done on him due to his father (scp 001 the gate guardian).

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