blood fall (OCverse story trailer)

it was a dark day, the sky was covered with a dark cloud and thunder rumbled in the distance. a figure stood on the ground, with 2 white feathery wings on his back and bright yellow eyes. “you did this, your the reason.” said the figure glancing at a different figure who had crimson eyes and 2 demon wings. the demon winged figure walks to the figure with feather wings, he picked them up by the neck and lifted them up “of course i did, but don’t worry. my kind will all get a turn to kill those pathetic humans” said the figure as they squeezed the neck of the other figure. “w-we’ll stop you, we won’t let you” said the white winged figure trying to break out of the hold he is in, “oh really? well lets see how that plays out” said the figure as they crushed the neck of the white figure and their body drops. a flash of light appears as it starts raining, revealing a sadistic smile on the demon winged figure. who starts walking away, but looks back at the dead body and says with a demonic tone “don’t worry, you won’t be the only one to die. little angel” the figure spreads their wings and flies away “the blood of celestials will be spilled on this land, and well it’ll be fun to watch them die” said another figure, they look like a female version of the one that just left.


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part 2 of the trailer will come out on saturday, or monday if i can't post