blood fall (OCverse story trailer #2)

in hell, a female demon with 2 horns and demonic wings walks through a corridor. “what do you want chimra?” asked the figure at the end of a room with chains on the walls, “just here to ask you something, aren’t you bored? waiting in here for when your called to torture mortal souls, don’t you want fresher victims” asked chimra “yes i am, but what else is it? i doubt you would’ve come all this way for that question” replied the figure, chimra smiles as she speaks “the gate is open, we demons can live whenever we want. the angels don’t know it, so lucifer how do you feel now?” lucifer spreads 4 demonic wings, his eyes glow orange with demonic energy and he smiles. “i feel like having some fun, are you ready angels. because i’m goig to enjoy killing you” lucifer laughs demonically.


BLOOD FALL, COMING SOON JANUARY 31ST (note:not garenteed as i may be busy that day)

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