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Order of the Rebellious: Part 6

  The remaining Rebellious group all stared down at the hole in shock. They had just finished fighting off the Sand Waves from the Dunequake, now at a complete standstill.

  “What do we do? What do we do?” Venos asked aloud, slightly panicking. “Howard’s gone! We have no Captain!

  Hiralore faces Venos. “Ease up, Venos. I have the belief that Howard will be fine and can make it back to us.” He spoke with gentle reassurance.

  “But who’ll lead us now?” Venos questions, facing Hiralore.

  Hiralore gestures to himself. “I can.

  “Alright, alright..” Venos slowly calmed down, regaining her composure. “Hiralore will lead us.

  Hiralore nods, facing Travis. “Travis, perhaps you can use your Sacred Light to find Howard.” He suggested.

  “I can try.” Travis states, creating a Sacred Light Ball before gently dropping it in the hole that Howard fell into. It glowed in the pitch black darkness before it was ultimately consumed by the darkness.

  Hiralore watches before facing Sandira. “Can you continue to lead us through this Desert?

  “Yes I can!” Sandira spoke with sudden excitement, diving into the Sand and beginning to swim through it once more.

  Hiralore and the others followed Sandira once again, the hot weather dying down as the sun had begun to set. As nightfall rose, a chilling breeze flowed around the Desert, cooling the area down significantly.

  “Thank goodness it’s cooler now.” Ar’ath spoke, enjoying the breeze.

  Venos nods in agreement. “Hopefully it’ll stay that way for a long while.

  “Wait, I think we’re being followed..” Monica spoke up, hearing gurgling behind her.

  Travis immediately turned around, pulling out his Holy Spear. “Who dares to follow the Order of the Rebellious?” He shouts with confidence, looking around.

  In the distance, Aquato could be seen waddling to the others. She gurgles loudly with concern, looking around for Howard once she makes it over to them.

  “Aquato?” Venos spoke, gently picking up Aquato. “How’d you get all the way here?

  Aquato gurgles in response, still looking around for Howard.

  “She must’ve been looking for us.” Marvick spoke to Venos before facing Aquato. “We’re alright, but Howard went missing after falling down a hole due to a Dunequake.”

  Aquato gurgled in sadness and worry, looking down.

  “Don’t worry, girl. We’ll find him.” Venos states, gently petting Aquato. “I promise we’ll find him.

  Aquato nods, gurgling.

  “C’mon, let’s keep moving!” Sandira shouts while still swimming in the sand.

  Venos sighed, carrying Aquato as she and the others continued following Sandira. As time passed, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary yet.

  “Wait, I see someone.” Venos spoke after a long while, pointing to a figure in the distance.

  The others looked in Venos’ direction and looked at the figure. It was a man with Heterochromia and was wearing a striped shirt and a hat. The area around him seems to feel off.

  “Who’re you?” Sandira asked the man as she popped her head up to look at him.

  The man slowly faced the others. “Oh, me? The name’s technically Zander Yacovone..but they all call me by a single name.”

  “And what’s that?” Hiralore asked.

  Zander gave a rather uneasy smile as the area around him started to warp. “Weirdini.”

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