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Order of the Rebellious: Part 5

  Howard slowly opened his eyes as he found himself in a dark cavern. His entire body was covered in Sand and rubble as he sat upright, dusting himself off before looking around.

  “Cavern..” He mumbled to himself as he stood up, sighing before looking up. “I guess only I went through. Hopefully the others are alright without me for a while..”

  Sighing, Howard begins to walk around the Cavern to find a way out. He looks around, creating Esoteric Water just in case. After a while of walking, he soon found himself at the edge of a deeper hole.

  “Another hole.” He spoke to himself, humming as he looked down the hole. He could hear rushing water from down below, but couldn’t see any water. “A Waterfall? Guess I’ll go see if it’s there or if I’m just hearing Water again.”

  Using his Esoteric Water to shield himself from any landing impact by covering himself with it, Howard leaps off the edge and finds himself in a deep cavernous pond. Uncovering himself from his Esoteric Water and looking around, he saw a Waterfall in front of him and could see small fishes swimming right next to him. He hums, swimming to the shoreline and getting out of the pond to dry himself off.

  “So there is Water underneath the Sandy Desert.” He states, looking around the Pond and back up at the Waterfall. “But where is it coming from?”

  Suddenly, Howard noticed that his right arm was glowing. Taking off the bandage that had wrapped up his Shiftron Bite, he discovered that the bite was no longer there. It had healed and vanished completely. Looking at the pond again, he comes to a conclusion rather quickly.

  “Healer’s Pond.” He whispers, his eyes widening in surprise. “But why is it all the way down here..?”

  He began to think, looking behind him to see that the cavern continues. He decided to mark the Healer’s Pond by creating a Water Spike and sticking it into the shoreline of the Pond before walking through the cavern again. He’d found himself back in darkness, but didn’t seem to mind as he continued walking.

  “These Caverns could be connected.” Howard mumbled to himself. “Hopefully one of those connections can help me out of here..”

  Suddenly, he could hear footsteps. Stopping, he looks forward to see a bright fiery light from afar. He generated Esoteric Water just in case, waiting.

  “You lost?” A man spoke aloud as he walked closer to Howard, his skin a Magma Red. He held a black Staff with a Fire Red Orb in the middle of it, Mystical Magma-like Fire surrounding him.

  Howard slowly nods in response, his Esoteric Water swirling around him. “Yes. Fell down here due to a Dunequake. Who are you..?”

  “Flazar.” The man answered. “I’m a Pyrokinetic Mystic Cambion. You?

  Howard hums. “Interesting. My name’s Howard Sullivan, a Hydrokinetic Human. I’m the Leader of The Order of the Rebellious.” He answered, extending out his hand to Flazar for a handshake in greetings. “I’m also a Hydrokinetic Mage.”

  “Order of the Rebellious? Sounds unique. I like it.” Flazar states with interest, shaking Howard’s hand. “Are any of you group members down here with you?

  Howard shakes his head. “I don’t think so. But I need to get back to them as soon as possible. Can you help me get out of here?”

  “Of course, of course.” Flazar smiles. “C’mon, Waterman. Let’s get you out of here before some Psammoslins come back.

  Howard follows with a nod, walking by Flazar’s side while making the Esoteric Water around him vanish. “Thanks for the help, Flazar. What’re Psammoslins?” He asked.

  “Psammoslins are giant Sand Centipedes that mostly live down here. They’re creepy as hell and can see in the dark.” Flazar explains. “It’s a pain to deal with them by yourself, let me tell you..

  Howard nods. “My group had to deal with a Herd of Shiftrons a long while ago, so I understand.”

  “Shiftrons, huh? Yeah, I’ve had to deal with a lot of them myself.” Flazar states. “They’ve somehow managed to survive in such hot temperatures like this Desert. That’s why I live in these Caverns. It stays cool down here, especially during the night.

  Howard hums. “Interesting.”

  “Indeed.” Flazar nods in agreement. “But don’t worry, Waterman. I’ll get you outta here faster than a rushing Waterfall!

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