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Order of the Rebellious: Part 4

  Drying Heat washed over the Sandy Sea of a Desert, the Heat extremely strong. The hot sun blared its bright hot sunlight with pride, causing any nearby Water to evaporate instantly.

  Howard wipes off sweat from his forehead, using his Cape to keep Aquato shaded from the hot sunlight. “’s a Desert alright.” He states, looking down at the sand.

  “Yes! A Desert!” Sandira shouts, almost leaping with joy as her Shark tail swam around the air in excitement. “Just like home!

  Howard glanced at Sandira. “Your home-like place is so dry, it’ll be hard to keep Aquato cool enough to move.” He semi-jokes, sweating.

  “Aw c’mon! You know I can’t swim!” Sandira states.

  Venos—who was now steering the Ship—begins to move it down to the Desert, sweat also prevalent on her entire body. “Get ready to depart.” She announced.

  “On it.” Howard replies, standing up and gently holding Aquato. “You might have to stay on the ship, girl.”

  Aquato gurgles with slight sadness, nudging Howard gently.

  “I know, I know.” Howard chuckled, gently rubbing Aquato’s head. “But we’ll be back as soon as possible. If we’re not back by Sunset, look for us. Alright?”

  Aquato nods with a happy gurgle.

  “Good girl.” Howard smiles, walking into the Captain’s Quarters and gently setting Aquato down on a cool bed that’s just her size. “Stay right here and be a good girl. We’ll be back, I promise.”

  Aquato nods, sitting down and getting herself comfortable.

  Howard smiles as he exited the Captain’s Quarters, Venos following him. They both walked over to the others, the sandy Desert now more visible to all of them as the Ship lands in the Sand with ease.

  “Finally! Aha!” Sandira immediately jumped into the Desert, swimming around in the sand happily and cheering her heart out.

  Venos chuckled while watching Sandira before facing Howard. “Sand Shark-Folks are weird.

  “Least she’s not a big one.” Howard jokes, leading the others off the ship and onto the Desert. He looks around at the endless sand, thinking. “It’ll be hard to find anything strange around here..”

  Hiralore nods in agreement. “This kind of World is always hard to look around..” He states.

  “I can lead the way!” Sandira pops her head up from the sand. “Can I? Can I? Please!

  Howard chuckled with amusement. “Alright, you can lead us.” He answered. “Just try not to get Sand on us.”

  “Aye, Captain!” Sandira puts her left arm in a saluting gesture before hopping back into the sand, beginning to swim around.

  Howard and the others followed Sandira, who seemed to be enjoying herself. Time seemed to be moving slower than in Jungle, the sun still blazing hot at full power even after an hour of traveling on foot had passed.

  “Wait! Stop!” Sandire shouts, stopping and popping her head back up to face the others. “I sensed..shaking. Underneath us..

  Howard immediately looks around, thinking in preparation. “Earthquake?” He asked. 

  “No. Dunequake!” Sandira states. “They cause Sand Waves, but they’re still somewhat similar to Earthquakes.

  Venos paused, looking between Sandira and Howard. “I haven’t heard anything yet. Maybe we’re sa—

  Suddenly, the ground underneath Howard shook, Sand Waves splashing towards the entire group and acting like Water. Sandira used her Sand Manipulation to pushed back the Sand Waves, but it wasn’t enough to fully stop them. As Howard moves to help, the ground underneath him begins to cave in.

  “Howard!” Venos shouts, trying to reach Howard as the Sand Waves push her and the others back. “Watch ou—!

  The ground underneath Howard fell as Howard fell down with them. Sand was also sucked into the hole, the Dunequake too powerful to stop.

  “Howard!” The others yelled out, but they couldn’t save him in time as Howard fell into the pitch black Darkness alongside the Sand that attempted to cover him whole.

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