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The Facultkin Band: Entry 5

After spending time in a hospital, my friends and I went to find Hiro, the son of a monster who killed my father. Ajimu said that after doing the deed, he fled the school to avoid being punished by the student body president. Now, he ran a street gang near the edge of the city. When we got near, the buildings were all in shamble like a giant bigger than HA trashed the place. Chef Mariloft was scared. HA was praying for protection, and…Woofer got on some street punk get-up and acted all tough.

We made it to the hideout, greeted by many jerks booing and hissing us. Hiro walked up in an even more extravagant punk outfit than Woofer. He asked what we wanted, and I told him, “I am here to take you down, Punky Bastard, for my father, Morazzley.” Woofer suggested that I should say that, and Hiro did not take that kindly by disappearing and knocking Woofer into a wall. I was speechless. Hiro told me his Plus allows him to fight with crazy speed and precision. Then he dropkicks HA in a second and grabbed Mariloft by her right arm. She was about to scream before Hiro placed a knife near her neck.

Hiro did not wish to be trifled. He demanded that I, HA, and Woofer leave, but he wanted to keep Mariloft, sticking out his tongue to imply what he was planning to do with her. Woofer threw one of his speakers at Hiro while his guard was down. With his grip loosened, Mariloft gets freed and constantly hits him with her ladle. HA, Woofer, Prophet, and I joined in on this action. Hiro’s speed meant squat if he was on the ground with no chance to use his legs, especially after HA broke them with his kick.

With a mighty roar, Hiro erupts with power and the energy that emerged formed in titanic monster with many limbs and faces. My band and I were shocked at this new situation, and Hiro, on the other hand, was laughing with excitement, for this was the real reason why Ajimu picked him to be part of the same team as my dad. He said that his Minus power was to create an avatar that draws its strength from all the Abnormalities in the world, Hecatoncheir. After picking Hiro up, The giant was over 3000 feet tall, and every face roared at once with fire. Woofer ran off screaming, and HA was whimpering. Prophet appeared before the cowardly speaker man and dragged him back, stating that he had a plan that would require everyone to pull off. He told Woofer to make as many speakers as he could. HA had to climb up Hecatoncheir and get near one of its faces. Prop told Mariloft to get ready for her moment while I was going to distract it. I was not too fond of that part of the plan, but with Prop, evasion was almost no problem. Soon, HA reached a face near the torso and smacked one of its eyes. A giant fist flew towards the head, and Prop told HA to jump and Mariloft to focus on the fist.

Soon everything was starting to come together. When the fist landed, the face tasted its own medicine with a bit of seasoning from our chef. Not even constructs of pure power could resist. It licked and nimble, and Hiro had no control of it when the other heads started tasting the fist as well. The monster was utterly distracted, and Woofer made hundreds of speakers pointing upwards toward the creature. Prop asked HA to give a little chuckle. With Woofer’s help, a massive beam of pure laughter engulfed Hecatoncheir and Hiro. The attack went into space, so nothing else could get destroyed. Hiro fell from a high distance, and HA caught him before hitting the ground.

We all cheered as we beat him. Before slipping into unconsciousness again, Hiro stated that he was only one of a trillion individuals who bare the Agennilius name in the bigger cosmos. I told him I did not care because I got to beat him. Then Ajimu appeared, clapping after watching our struggle. She congratulated us for winning. As promised, a four-star Super Dragon Ball was floating over the planet. I told her how I was supposed to carry that. She answered by patting my pocket on my jumpsuit, and the massive orb zipped right in there. Okay, so that was a new and helpful feature. She told us to leave before Medaka came and started asking questions. We happily went with our prize and on our search for the next Dragon Ball.

A word from my friends:

Mariloft: I was soooo scared. I thought I would be completely useless, but I dealt the first blow at that creep. Ugh!

HA: Hehehe, thank God, we all made out alive.

Woofer: Man, I was the absolute best. If I didn’t have my incredible superpower, we would have been causing chip damage for ten years or something.

(I do not own characters and concepts that are both Bolded and Italicized. But I do own the ones that are just Bolded.)

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