Character Sheets

Character Sheet #1: Quartz

Quartz Qulfor Ser Ilios

 30 years old for 1m85 and 198 pounds.
Brown eyes, golden when using powers. Dark skin with tattoos, gleaming when using powers.
A scar on the left cheek and the torso’s upper section. Thin beard, from chin to ears.
Black curly hair, tied in a bun most of the time. Thick lips and silver dual piercings.
Acrobatic and athletic shape. (I am a very active person.)

 Black round mask, from forehead to around the eyes and ending on the cheeks.
A yellow jacket with a pale yellow highlight. Infinity wool scarf.

Hemlined sleeves and brown wrists-gears.
Green braided wide belt and blue broad pants with pockets.
Black leggings with spats, not covering the sole of the feet, for solar generation purposes
 Gender & Pronouns:

 Cisgender male, he/him.
(He won’t get offended if he is called/called-out anything else though.)

 Africa. African-Greek. African mother and greek father.
They travelled, but gave birth at her home, to honour my newborn life, with her family.
Turns out, it gave me the blessing from the noon Sun, in more than a figurative sense.

 I guess i would qualify as a Sun Monk.
Battling the foes, with my sun-powered body, becoming myself the lethal weapon.
Do not underestimate that i can defeat you, and spare your life at the same time, by choice.
 Charisma, Intelligence and Wisdom:

 In general terms, i studied to be above average in terms of brains’ capacities.
I have also raised my instincts, to always be open-minded and sharp.
I’m not exactly sure if i do make an impression on peoples, that’s up to them.
But if they can make a difference, while being ordinary, then, me who was apparently chosen, i can definitely help the best i can.
I heard there was a social group of representation that was created ever since i made my big entrance.
I tend to slip in depressive phases when i feel crushed by everything at once.
. I am an acrobat with quite the stamina to support it. I love parkour in many shapes.
. I am powered by the sun’s rays itself, making me stronger during the day. I am at my peak, at noon.
. I sometimes meditate out in the sun, to replenish myself and store solar resources.
. I can manage ‘one against many’ battles, making sure to always attack, defend and dodge at the same time.
. Thanks to my resources, i am fast (of body and mind), resilient and strong (of body and will).
. I fill up on solar energy during the day, which makes me dependant on depletable resources during the night.
I have to measure my usage delicately once the sun has set.
. If i depleted my solar resources, i become weaker or technically, ‘average’, on my performances.
  I really wished crimes occurred less during the night, to be honest.

I am entertaining most of my time by taking care of flowers and plants. I don’t cheat with my sunlight powers, otherwise, it would be pointless.
I nurture them only with my understanding of their biology.

 Parkour and Sports Routine.
I still got to maintain my body through my efforts alone. It’s tiring, but overall worth it.
Sun related powers:
. Bio-Solar Manipulation.
. Dance Combat coupled with Combat Mixture.
. Heliokinetic Combat.

. Solar Aura; Attacks; Empowerment; Energy Absorption; Flight.
. Super Form starting at noon, and finishing 5 minutes later.
 Bad Habits:

 . I can’t lie to save my life, i am absolutely terrible at trying to deceive someone, hence why i don’t try to talk to much when i am out there, protecting the civilians. I would babble, become flustered and fall apart at the end.
 . My tendency to spare the lives of anyone maintains the list of peoples who wants to get back at me.
   (Especially those who attacked first, those ones baffles me the most…)
 . I have a hard time, managing both of my lives, between the library i work at and the vigilante one.
Mostly because of how i can’t make up good stories of my
 . I can be hard-headed when i butt against someone else’s vision of things.
 . It’s not like i can control it anyway, but my ADHD makes it hard sometimes, to keep on track with everyone.
And there it is.

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