Jaakuna the Super Agent (Chapter 8: Naomi’s resolve)

At Kurai Yohei, Urayama and Zurui were setting up a plan to assassinate Naomi.

” So what do you think would be the best way to find this Naomi girl?” said Zurui

“It’s simple. We know she was hired by the Okinawa research facility for the case, so all we need to do is capture the lead researcher and use her as bait to smoke out this bitch.”said Urayama.

” Right, of course, she’ll have no choice but to fall into our trap. It’s been so long since I cut loose.” said Zurui

On the top floor of the building, Jaakuna entered Miakumi’s office carrying a large briefcase.

“I finished the weapons as you instructed, Miakumi-Sama. Take a look.” said Jaakuna as she presented the weapons to the boss.

“Excellent work, Jaakuna. I expected no less. Urayama! Zurui! Report to my office, immediately.” said Miakumi over the intercom.

“Yes ma’am” said both girls as they entered the office.

“The time has come for you two to carry out your mission I assigned to you earlier.  Use these weapons to your advantage.” said Miakumi.

Jaakuna tossed a fancy futuristic looking bow and arrow to Zurui, and a double-bladed staff to Urayama. “Here catch, numbskulls. I had them specially designed to match your fighting styles, so for the love of god, don’t embarrass yourselves. If you still screw up with these, there’s just no hope for you.” said Jaakuna

“We won’t fail. We’ll show you that you’re not the only special one around here, Jaakuna. Thank you for this mission Miakumi-sama. We’ll begin right away” said Urayama as she and Zurui walked out of the office.

Back at the dojo, Naomi and Tokunori were sparring again. This time Naomi was doing much better, keeping up and reacting to every attack that was thrown her way.

“Excellent Naomi-san. You’ve grown so much, in such a short period of time. Your strength has increased dramatically, and so has your reflexes. We’re not quite there yet though, you’ve still got a long way to go.” said Tokunori.

“Right, let’s go another round. I’m ready.” said Naomi

Elsewhere at Okinawa research facility, Miss Akure was working with the other researchers to develop countermeasures to the stolen weapons.

“With the weapons in the hands of Kurai-Yohei, we can’t just leave things as they are, even with detective Naomi working on this case. We have to develop a way to counter these weapons.” said Miss Akure

“You mean, develop more weapons that have the capability of neutralizing them?” said an assisstant researcher.

“Precisely. I have no idea how long such a project will take, or if it’s even possible, but we have to try anyway. There’s just too much at stake” said Miss Akure.

Suddenly a loud explosion was heard from a distance as the alarms started to sound.

“”Wh-What was that? It sounded like it came from the roof.” said one of the assisstant researchers.

“Wow, these weapons are no joke. One shot from this bow and arrow completely blew a hole through the roof.” said Zurui

“Hurry, there’s no time to waste. The main lab should be lower down on the second floor.” said Urayama as she dropped down through the hole in the roof.

“Here it is!” said Urayama as she quickly sliced an x shape on the lab door with her staff, blowing it to pieces.

“Who the hell are you?” said the assisstant researchers.

“Fooooound youuuuu.. You’re coming with us Miss Akure.” said Urayama in a slow creepy sadistic voice, as she gazed at Miss Akure with a crazed look in her eyes.

“You think we’ll just let you do as you please” said the assisstant researchers as they tried to restrain Urayama.

“Out of my way!” said Urayama as she kicked both researchers in the face with one swipe of the leg, knocking both of them out.

“What do you want with me?” said Miss Akure.

“That’s not something you need to worry about right now, just come with me.” ordered Urayama as she grabbed Miss Akure by the arm.

Urayama and Zurui escaped with Miss Akure, and took her to an abandoned warehouse. They then strapped her to one of the supporting pillars in the warehouse, binding her with rope.

“There, that ought to keep you tight. Now, tell me Naomi’s cell number now.” said Urayama.

“What? Are you trying to hold me for ransom?” asked Miss Akure

“Oh, please. Don’t place so much value on yourself. Just tell me Naomi’s cell number right now.”

“F-Fine. I’ll tell you.” said Miss Akure.

Back at the dojo, As Naomi and Tokunori were sparring, her cellphone suddenly rang.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Tokunori-sensei. I better answer, it’s probably Miss Akure.” said Naomi as she picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Ah, miss Naomi. Just the person, I’m looking for.” said Urayama.

“Who is this?” said Naomi in a confused tone.

“I’ll cut straight to the point. You are to come to this address right away. That is, if you hope to see Miss Akure in one piece. You have one hour to get here, and make sure you’re alone, or she dies!” said Urayama as she sent a pic of Miss Akure tied up to a pillar.

“Miss Akure! Shit. This has to be Kurai Yohei, but I didn’t think they would make a move so fast. What are they after now?” said Naomi.

“Is everything ok, Naomi-san?” asked Tokunori.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to cut this session short. Kurai Yohei is on the move.” said Naomi as she slipped out of her training gear and back into her usual outfit.

“Are you sure? We still haven’t completed your training yet. You may not be ready.” said Tokunori with a worried look on his face.

“I have no choice. They have Miss Akurai hostage. I can’t let them do anything to her.” said Naomi as she hopped into her charger. ” Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be back, Tokunori-sensei. Thank you for everything.”

Naomi raced to the warehouse and arrived just in the nick of time. She was hesitant at first, as she feared it was probably a trap, but was more concerned about the safety of Miss Akure. As she walked deeper into the warehouse, she saw miss Akure tied up to the pillar.

“Miss Akure! Are you alright?” asked Naomi.

“Yes, I’m fine. You shouldn’t have come here Miss Naomi, these two seem to be after you!” said Miss Akure

“Well if it isn’t the famous detective Naomi. Thanks, for saving us the trouble of hunting you down. Heh heh heh” said Urayama, as she and Zurui stood behind a railing on the second level of the warehouse.

“I take it from you’re outfits, you’re both members of Kurai Yohei.” shouted Naomi.

“Well, aren’t you well-informed. Fortunately, we really have no interest in the researcher here, it’s you who we’ve been ordered to eliminate. Zurui, let her have it!” said Urayama.

“You got it. See ya, in the next life princess.” said Zurui as she fired an energy arrow at Naomi.

Naomi quickly jumped out of the way, as the arrow created an explosion upon impact.

” This is bad. Miss Naomi, please be careful. Those are the weapons that we were developing.” said Miss Akure in a panicked voice.

“So these are the energy weapons. You guys sure didn’t waste your time did you. Don’t think I’ll just let you get away with this.” said Naomi.

“You’re the one not getting away.” said Urayama.

Zurui fired multiple shots, as Naomi flipped and dodged each one perfectly. Naomi bounced and ricocheted off of the wall and ceiling in quick succession, as her tank top just barely managed to contain her bouncing breasts in her high speed movements.

“Is that all you’ve got?” said Naomi

“Damn, she’s fast. The battle records we have of her mentioned nothing about speed like this. I can’t hit her.” said Zurui as she continuously missed her shots.

“Shut up, girl. Don’t get so full of yourself, after dodging a few attacks. You’re the type I hate the most!” said Urayama as she lunged towards Naomi.

“Bring it on! You girls caught me on the wrong day.” said Naomi.

Next time: Warehouse Rumble

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