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Character Sheet #2: Serena

Serena Ingrace Lady Sorcery

31 years old, 1m83 and 176 pounds.
Silver eyes, bright ruby when strongs outputs of powers. Brown almond skin with freckles and back star tattoo.
Dark and long wavy ginger hair. Blue-green teardrop necklace.
Curvy body type, with athletic shape.

 Gender & Pronouns:
Non-binary female, they/them.


I am a Psionic, both by innate talent from birth and arduous training.

 Charisma, Intelligence & Wisdom:




Psionic related powers:
 . Ergo-Telekinesis
 . Psychokinesis
 . Space Magic
 . Tactile Telekinesis
 . Telempathy

 Bad Habits:

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