Jaakuna the Super Agent (Chapter 9: Warehouse Brawl)

In the abandoned warehouse, a battle had ensued between Naomi and the evil Kurai Yohei agents Urayama and Zurui.

“You’re mine!” said Urayama as she lunged towards Naomi, while whipping out her staff in the process. Naomi got into a battle ready stance, as Urayama prepared to attack her. As Urayama swiped her staff, Naomi quickly ducked under the attack, and backflipped to dodge a second attack aimed at her feet. Flipping in midair, Naomi bounced off the wall and aimed a flying kick straight for Urayama. Urayama used her staff to guard against the attack, but was still sent flying backwards from the sheer strength of the kick. Urayama planted her staff in the ground in order to catch herself from falling, but as soon as she regained her balance, Naomi was completely out of sight. Urayama experienced a moment of shock from losing sight of her opponent, which quickly turned into a sharp pain in her back as Naomi kicked her to the ground from behind.

“Urayama!” shouted Zurui in concern, as she quickly fired three more arrows at Naomi, only for her to blitz out of the way. “Huh, Where’d she g……” said Zurui, as her breath left her lungs mid sentence, due to a sudden massive gut punch from Naomi.

“Haaaaa!” screamed Naomi, as she jumped into the air spinning multiple times, before delivering a massive kick to Zurui’s face. Zurui was sent flying into a nearby wall, dropping her weapon and losing consciousness in the process.

“Damn you!” said Urayama as she got up and pressed the attack button on her staff. “Try to dodge this one asshole” she said as she swiped her staff vertically at Naomi. Naomi managed to step out of the way of the slash, but a huge energy wave spliced the ground, which still pushed Naomi backward from the shock.

“Ha ha ha, You see that? Now that’s power.” screamed Urayama as she prepared to launch another attack.

“Damn, if I’m not careful this lunatic will bring the whole building down.” said Naomi as she recovered from the attack.

Urayama quickly swung down on Naomi, but instead of dodging, Naomi caught the staff in her hands. In one swift motion, Naomi twirled the staff away from Urayama, disarming her. Urayama angrily fired a fast succession of punches and kicks at Naomi, only for each blow to be dodged and blocked. Naomi responded with her own kick straight into Urayama’s stomach, knocking her back. As Urayama got up from the attack, Naomi quickly jumped into the air and locked her thick thighs around Urayama’s neck in a tight headscissor.

“D-Damn it!” screamed Urayama in pain. Naomi then quickly backflipped with Urayama still between her thighs, tossing her into a wall.

Naomi landed back on her feet and posed with a sexy confidence. “Wow, that training from Tokunori-sensei really paid off. You guys are nothing compared to Jaakuna. Sorry, but this fight is over for the both of you.” said Naomi confidently.

“Jaakuna, Jaakuna, it’s always Jaakuna. What does she have that I don’t!” screamed Urayama as she angrily punched the ground.

Urayama’s frustration did little besides make Naomi chuckle. “A little jealosy in the ranks? Which begs the question. Who sent you? Who are you working for?” said Naomi.

“No way! There’s no way I’m ratting out the boss. I’d rather die.” said Urayama.

“Well, you’ll have plenty of time to think about that behind bars.” said Naomi.

Just as Naomi started to walk over to Urayama to apprehend her, she suddenly heard slow clapping from a distance. As Naomi turned around to see where it was coming from, it was none other than Jaakuna, as she cockily clapped while sitting high above on some railing.

” Bravo Naomi, bravo, but I do hope that you’re not too proud of yourself just for beating such worthless trash.” said Jaakuna in a patronizing voice.

“Jaakuna..” said Naomi as her eyes squinted at Jaakuna.

“J-Jaakuna! This was supposed to be our mission. What are you doing here?” asked Urayama in a frustruated tone.

“I had a feeling you two goofballs would screw up; so I decided to tag along just in case, and it’s a good thing I did. Honestly, You pathetic fools disgust me. Now take the researcher over there, and leave Naomi to me. Surely you can do that right, can’t you Urayama?” said Jaakuna

“Damn it, damn it, damn it! Fine, have it your way Jaakuna, but we’re not finished here, Naomi. I’ll pay you back tenfold for this, trust me.” said Urayama as she grabbed both an unconscious Zurui and Miss Akure.

“Stop, leave Miss Akure alone!” screamed Naomi as she charged toward Urayama.

Just as Naomi was about to punch Urayama, Jaakuna blitzed in front of her with blinding speed, and kicked her backwards.

“I don’t think so. If you want them, you’ll have to get thru me.” laughed Jaakuna, as Urayama escaped with both Zurui and Miss Akure.

“Damn.. This isn’t gonna go like it did last time, Jaakuna!” said Naomi as she took off her jacket to get serious.

“Oh? Is that so? Have you been preparing for me?” asked Jaakuna.

“Yeah, but it’ll be much easier for me to show you first hand.” said Naomi as she suddenly disappeared out of sight.

Jaakuna’s smirk suddenly dissappeared, as her eyes opened wider. She quickly turned around to follow Naomi’s movements, and caught one of her punches in the nick of time. “I see, well you’ve certainly gotten faster at least.” said Jaakuna as she threw a punch of her own. As Naomi also managed to catch the punch, the two women had a quick staredown holding each others fists. Naomi had went for a low sweep kick , but Jaakuna jumped on Naomi’s shoulder using it to propel herself in the air. Two knives then dropped from Jaakuna’s jacket sleeves, as she threw them at Naomi, while upside down in midair. Naomi backflipped as she dodged the knives, but right as she landed, Jaakuna blitzed right behind her in terrifying speed. As Jaakuna went for a kick to Naomi’s rib, Naomi reacted to the attack, blocking it with her forearm.

“I must say, I’m impressed. I might actually have to put a bit of effort into this, this time around.” said Jaakuna

“You better believe it. Unless you wanna take a turn in the hospital.” said Naomi confidently.

“Hahaha, this is oh so amusing. I couldn’t ask for more. Crushing you at your best will be the ultimate victory, and prove I’m numero Uno.” said Jaakuna as the two girls grinned confidently and posed for battle.

To be continued:

Next time: Rematch of terror

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