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Demons In New York: The Hidden Tales #1: A Cannibal’s Twisted Mind

***Warning: This story may contain violence, blood/gore (to a certain degree), language (dashes or stars will be used), angst (again, to a certain degree), hints/mentions of sex (although none is done within these stories), and more. You don’t have to read the story if you’re not okay with this content. This story is in Quince’s perspective.***



  You’re weakening. But you can become stronger once again. All you’re needing to do is in one simple word: Kill. Don’t play their games. Make them play your own game instead, Quince.

  These were the words of villainy that my demonic mind said to me whenever I was alone. At first, I would constantly argue with it, but now, I’d obey it like a wolf obeying the alpha of its pack.

  Why? Well, the answer was simple: I couldn’t fight my own mind.

  Ever since I escaped from the Underworld and was constantly arrested several times by the New York Police Department, the voice has demonically plagued me so much that it was almost impossible to cure it. And now, with myself having cannibalistic addiction and a rising hunger for vengeance regarding both my “loving” family and the police, that same entity was close to puppeting me. The only thing that stopped it from doing so was the barrier between him and my body; A barrier that has never been broken in all my millions of years of living.

  There was only one other reason that I didn’t commit these violent acts, though….

  Hyku, the mysterious and quiet love of my life.

  There was always something about him that made me more curious than ever; the way he could portray his feelings without saying a single word; the way he only observes the violence around him instead of walking into it; the way he viewed the world as not being a warzone, but as a place of peaceful changes and non-violent actions; and—finally—the way he can feel someone else’s pain without being in the same room as they are.

  The last one may seem confusing, so I’ll give you an example: Whenever I would have severe eye or neck pains while I was in the living room alone, he’d mysteriously be able to feel the same pain in the same places without ever being close to me. Even if I was out working at the bar, he’d still feel the same pain that I was feeling physically, emotionally and mentally, no matter how far apart we were.

  And it wasn’t just my pain, either. A few days ago, he felt Web’s pain during a boxing match that Web and Eli were fighting in a few miles away from the apartment. And a week ago, he felt Veevee’s stress when she was dealing with the bar by herself and serving customer after customer until midnight.

  Things about him, like the examples I gave, always confused me. Not only was he mysterious and quiet with a different mindset of the world, he also had powers that were out of the ordinary for a half-demon like himself.

  But how would I get to understand these things when he speaks so…little about his past?

  Guess that’ll just have to wait in order to be truly answered, then…

  Sitting in my room alone, I began to think about how my life was going so far and how I could improve my relationship with my friends and my boyfriend. But then, the darkness of my mind returned once again…

  Someone’s alone. I heard my mind speak, it’s tone sending chills down my spine. I bet you’re starving now, aren’t you? C’mon, admit it!

  My body suddenly felt cold, my eye twitching. I felt a sudden urge of hunger, my mouth watering at the thought of eating someone. I couldn’t stop myself as I stood up, walking out of my apartment and to the one that was across from me before knocking on the door, drool dripping from my chin.

  The person opened the door, and before they could even speak a single word, I lunged at them, pinning them to the ground before going in for the kill by ripping the flesh from their neck using my teeth. After they bled to death, I began to gorge on their body, eating every single part of them. It took me a couple of minutes to leave nothing but bones in my attack. It was well worth it, though, as I swallowed the last piece of my meal, huffing. 

  Staring down at the bones, I grabbed all of them and threw them away before heading back to my apartment, locking the door behind me. Blood had covered my body and teeth, the red liquid was close to staining my clothes.

  I sighed with pleasure, taking off my bloody crop top and tossing it in my laundry basket, red crimson still dripping from my chin. I then grabbed a new crop top and put it on, my mind immediately slithering back to the “light” side with dismay.

  Did I feel any remorse for the actions that I just committed? No, I never did. Did the small part of my good side—the small child within me that had no clue how dark things could be—feel it? Maybe, but I can never tell, for my mind was as crazy and scarred as a psychopath with a twisted and gorey past.

  Washing the blood from my face in the nearby kitchen sink, I stared deeply into my reflection in the window, my expression blank and emotionless. As I finally finished, I looked down at the sink, slowly watching the bloody water go down the drain. Setting the towel down, I stared back at the window, my face still emotionless.

  Unexpectedly, I heard a knock on the door. But before I could get to it, an officer unlocked and opened the door, and the moment I saw their face, I knew exactly which officer I was dealing with…

  It was none other than Officer Todd Anderson, a long-time enemy that I only tolerated and spared because of Roger’s girlfriend Jinx.

  Todd stared at me, annoyance written all over his face. “I heard that you slaughtered and cannibalized another innocent person to satisfy your hunger.” He spoke as he raised his gun to point his gun at me, his face still filled with irritation. “And for that and every other charge that has been pressed against you, I hereby place you under arrest, Mr. Quince. Come with me before I put handcuffs on your wrists and dragged you outta here myself.”

  I began to laugh, unfazed by Todd’s pitiful “threats”. I kept staring at him as I continued laughing, my pupils feeling like they’re shrinking along with the little sanity I had left. “Ah, you’re pathetic, Todd!” I hissed, my voice deepening. “You’d have to do better than that to get me to beg for mercy or obey you. The only person that I obey is my own mind, and you can’t stop that no matter how hard you try to do so, can you?”

  Todd stared at me, falling silent. “Well, that may be true, but my point still stands.” He slowly replied. “Come with me. Or else.”

  I shook my head, fed up with the officer’s useless shenanigans. “If you really want me to follow you, it’s gonna take more than a little verbal convincing to do it.” I commented, snorting. “Go on, try me. I dare you.”

  This made Todd very angry as he pulled the trigger on the gun, sending a bullet into the air. I ducked it, then yanked it out of his grip before breaking it into tiny metal pieces with my bare hand, my hand not injured by that action at all. I dropped the pieces onto the floor, smiling twistedly.

  Kill him! my mind chanted. This will end the stupid game that you play with him! As long as Martha, Maxwell and Jinx don’t find out, you can get away with it scott-free!

  The moment I heard it’s words, I knew exactly what to do….

  Chase Todd down and kill him if possible, and kill anyone else that would get in my way of doing so.

  Adrenaline filled my entire body as I began to chase Todd out of the apartment and through the hallway, a few inches away from grabbing him. I kept chasing after him for a few minutes, but was stopped by other police officers as they surrounded me, pointing their guns right at my head.

  But did this stop me? No, it didn’t. In fact, it only fueled my body with more adrenaline.

  When the time was right, I began to slaughter the men around me, tearing both their guns and their lives away in a few short minutes. Blood splattered all over the walls as I continued my violent rage, ripping and eating everything that was edible. Finally, I stopped, looking down and the men’s bloody corpses, pleased with the aftermath. Throwing the bones out the window, I looked down the hallway, realizing that I must’ve lost track of Todd during my rampage.

  I wasn’t mad at that, though, because I knew that he’d use other humans as a distraction to get away from me as quickly as he possibly could. Of course, I was still hoping to at least mark him enough for my point to go through that thick skull of his, but I guess that’ll have to wait until the next time he shows up.

  Sighing, I walked back to my apartment again and started to clean myself up. As I was doing so, though, the dark side of my mind began to play once again.

  Aren’t you happy now? My mind asked, it’s voice still sending sharp chills down my spine. You may have not got Todd, but yet you managed to kill and eat thirteen people in less than a half-hour!

  I fell silent, letting out a quick growl from my throat subconsciously in response. I then finished cleaning myself up, my eye still dilated.

  Then, the one thing that made me happy suddenly came to me…

  Walking over to me, Hyku stared at my expression, silent. “Honey,” He spoke, croaking. “Why did you slaughter fourteen people?”

  “I….I…I-“ I stuttered, frozen. “I couldn’t help myself, love. I-….I was being controlled by my mind again.”

  Hyku stared at me again, gulping. “Can I help you fix that?” He asked.

  I stood there, silent. A few minutes passed by before I finally responded with a nod, my stomach tightening with fear.

  Hyku smiled, hugging me. “It’s gonna be okay, honey.” He said. “I’ll help you with this, I promise.”

  I nodded again, hugging him back. But as I did this action, my mind spoke to me;

  I’ll let this one help you, but until this fails on you, you’ll be as weak as he is. My mind snapped. A that is a promise, Lupus Ichor…

  I stood there, thinking. I kept hugging Hyku, though, running my fingers through his hair gently.

  That was the last time a dark part of me spoke in a few years, and I was fine with it for once in my life.

  Nobody has any control of me anymore, or at least for now. Not even myself has control….

  And I am proud of it. No. Matter. What.



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