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Elemental High: Chapter 1

Chapter 1


  Another year, another fear. Yay…

  Virgil Vancit thought as he sat down in his classroom, his eyes fixed onto the wall. He was just in his third period, and the day seemed to be dragging on.

  The teacher, Mrs. Kelly Kirk, stood in front of the classroom whiteboard, looking at all of her students with a wide smile on her face.

  ”Welcome back, students!” She cheered. “Now, today we’re going to learn about controlling your element…”

  She began to explain that each student had powers of a single element. Those who had the same powers with others were said to stay in the group for an ‘easier’ experience in that element.

  Unfortunately, all the students were bored. They stared blankly at Mrs. Kirk, selectively listening away from her.

  Virgil looked around, humming. “Guess I’m not the only one who wants to head out..” He whispered to himself.

  As the bell suddenly ringed about fifteen minutes later, Virgil and the other students ran out of the classroom, walking through the crowded hallway.

  ”Hey Virg!” Brooks Bulter—a longtime friend of Virgil—yelled. “How was summer?”

  Virgil looked at Brooks, smiling. “It was fun.” He replied. “And yours?”

  ”Amazing as always!” Brooks said. “Anyways, I heard that there was a new transfer!”

  Virgil sighed. “Are you trying to get me to have a partner?” He chuckled, shaking his head. “Brooks, I need more than one! I’m Polyamorous for lover’s sake!”

  ”I know, I know.” Brooks laughed. “But it’s easier to start with one. Can you at least give her a try?”

  Virgil’s eyebrows raised. “It’s a female this time?” He asked.

  ”Yep!” Brooks replied. “Her name’s Zoey Zook, and she has the element of Poison!”

  Virgil hummed. “Interesting.” He commented. “What’s her next class?”

  ”Mr. Dawson’s class on defense and offense.” Brooks said. “And that’s only a half-hour away!”

  Virgil nodded again, heading to the door of his next class. “Well, I’ll see you around, then.” He smiled as he spoke, opening the door.

  “See you later, Virg!” Brooks shouted as he rushed away.

  Virgil chuckled, then walked into the next class and sat down.


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This is better than the actual rp of it honestly lol
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