Original Characters

The 1st Jester

♥Name♥ The Jester

♦Gender♦ Male

♠Pronouns♠ Any (same for all regenerations)

♥Age♥ 479

Physical Appearance♣ Tan skin, long straight black hair, dark brown eyes, 6’2″, light freckles, usually wears a white button-up covered in different colored paint stains with a pink striped bowtie and matching suspenders as well as black dress pants and dress shoes.

♦Strengths♦ Funny, confident, energetic, independent, imaginative, charismatic, curious, charming, playful

♠Weaknesses♠ Reckless, unserious, arrogant, stubborn, exhausting, unrealistic, self-absorbed, illogical, blunt, impulsive, deceitful, mischievous, manic

♣IQ♣ Extremely high

Backstory♦ Enrolled in The Academy with the Doctor and the Master, becoming friends with them. When they looked into the time vortex, was somewhere between going crazy and inspired, seeing the chaos of the vortex, and believing that chaos is how the universe should be. Helped the Doctor when he stole the TARDIS, insisting that it was the most brilliant idea the Doctor had in a while and stole their own with him. Always believed the Master when he talked about the drums. Constantly getting in trouble in Academy.

Fandom?♥ Doctor Who

Character Alignment♦ Chaotic Neutral


¿Extra¿ Chose to disguise their TARDIS as a closed ticket stand and carries a laser scepter with them.

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I use they/he pronouns as well as any neopronouns

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