Original Characters

L.Q.I — Log #107

11:29 PM
Unknown Location; somewhere in New York

February 14th, 2008
TW: Depictions of a Toxic Relationship
[Begin Log #107]


  Quince had suddenly froze when he heard that word, slowly facing the man who sat on the couch. He takes the cigarette out of his mouth slowly. “Yes..?” He asked.

  You’ve been taking your meds everyday, right?” The man asked, looking right into Quince’s eyes while still smiling.

  Quince nods. “Yes..” He answers.

  Then why is your med bottle still f—king full?” The man suddenly barked in an interrogative manner, his smile turning into a threatening frown.

  Quince froze again, slightly swallowing down his panic. “I-..I finished a different bottle..” He states.

  Bulls—t.” The man snapped, narrowing his eyes. “You only get one bottle at a time. You know that.

  Quince flinched, looking away from the man and takes a deep breath. “I-I’m not lying, Sal. I-I promise.

  DON’T YOU DARE..call me Sal right now, Quince. It’s Salvador.” The man—Salvador—growls, raising his voice for a second before toning himself down. “You don’t deserve to call me that at this moment. You ARE lying to me..

  Quince paused and fell silent, not speaking to Salvador. But the silence would be interrupted by Salvador pulling him by the collar of his shirt and yanking him down, forcing him to sit on Salvador’s lap.

  Neither silence nor looking away from me work as an apology.” Salvador growls, letting go of Quince’s shirt. “You do this s—t all the time whenever you’re thinking about that Hound. It’s getting annoying.

  Quince swallowed again. “I-..I’m sorry..Salvador.” He whispers.

  Say it louder. I can’t hear your apology if you’re whispering.” Salvador commands, clenching his fist.

Quince takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry, Salvador.” He states in a clearer tone, staring at Salvador in slight fear.

  Good boy.~” Salvador smirks, patting Quince’s cheek in a condescending manner as he speaks. “You need to forget about that Hound permanently. He abandoned you, remember?

  Quince felt like his heart was just stabbed, but he nods obediently. “I know..

  You better f—king know.” Salvador slightly growls, but kept smiling. “And you better stay on your meds. If I find out you pulled this s—t on me one more time, you’re going into Surgery. Understand me?

  Quince nods again. “Yes, Salvador..

  Good..~” Salvador kisses Quince’s cheek, chuckling. “You’re lucky you’re too handsome to stay mad at, Lupy.~

  Quince blushed, slightly pausing. “S-..So are you..” He states in a slight whisper.

  I know I am, dolly.~” Salvador states rather pridefully, his hands unclenching as he holds onto Quince’s hips. “And so do you..~
[End Log #107]

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