Original Characters


The Empafeelas



Young Males: 3-5 Feet Tall

Young Females: 3’4 Feet Tall


Adult Males: 7-10 Feet Tall

Adult Females: 6-9 Feet Tall


Superior Males: 10-12 Feet Tall

Superior Females: 10-11 Feet Tall



Depends on Empafeela


Lifespan (In Human Years): 9,000 Years


Diet: Omnivorous (Though most consume Meat)


Discovered/Created by: (note: do not put your name.)*these stats are average


History: TBA


Appearance and Personality:

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Their species is extremely benevolent, while some may hold egos, god complexes, and even signs of narcissism.. they are still very kind, respectful and honorable..


However they will show 0 hesitation when it comes to killing or defending themselves, as unknowingly they hold unparalleled amounts of bloodlust, even the children. Children and the elderly are held up with extreme respect and care.



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(Where do they live?:

What species do they hunt?:





Average Empafeelian: Slightly above human level

With Blues: Nigh-Absolute Intelligence


Emotional Capacity:

Extremely High



How do they reproduce: Similar to Humans


Do they take mates: Yes.


What is the mating ritual: TBA


What is the average number of offspring?: As many as the parents please



How quickly do they heal?:

Reds and greens hold faster regenerative abilities than most


Can they die of old age?



What happens to their bodies after death?:

Decay, similar to human bodies



Babies are taken from the bodies of their mothers, should the mother be a warrior and placed into Pods, which will stimulate the womb.


Interbreeding is possible with this species, and they are quite compatible with another species.


War has never once broke out on their planet


They can feel other emotions, just some they feel and take far more than others.

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