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Character Sheet #40: Lupus ‘Quince’ Ichor

Name: Lupus ‘Quince’ Ichor

Alias: N/A

Formerly: Chaotic Neutral
Currently: Neutral Evil/Lawful Neutral


Species: Incuhound (Pride Variant)

‘Human’/Physical Age: 38
Demon Age: N/A (Possibly around 190,000-ish)

Personality: Sardonically sadomasochistic with a deadpan tone and a twisted sense of humor, Quince is essentially a strange person to be around. His knowledge of a multitude of subjects—mainly involving fear—makes him able to intimidate those who stand in his way. However, once someone knows him personally, he will soften up and is known to be very protective of his friends and remaining family. But the moment you decide to mess with his family, friends or even his husbands, it’s on like no tomorrow.

Gender: Male

Formerly: Straight
Currently: Abrosexual(?)

Pronouns: He/Him

Formerly: Prince of The Pride Ring
Currently: Bar Owner/Hitman



>The Pride Grimoire:


  • Incuhound Physiology
  • Hellhound Physiology (Partial)
  • Incubus Physiology (Partial)
  • Supernatural Condition (Type III; possibly even higher)
  • Supernatural Strength (Type IV)
  • Supernatural Regeneration (Level II)
  • Supernatural Smell
  • Scythe/Handgun Proficiency
  • Purple Hell-Fire Generation/Breath
  • Pride Magic (Limited; enhanced with the Pride Grimoire)
  • Pride Energy Manipulation
  • Blood Marionette
  • Prehensile Blood
  • Blood Portal Creation
  • Blood Magic

Hellust: Quince’s Grand is where he can transform into a Pseudo-Hellhound Form and remain in it for up to 2 hours. Within this Form, he’s able to manipulate both Pride and Lust alongside gaining access to the manipulation of Ichor.

Tekc(s): N/A

Tag Combo(s): N/A


  1. Stronger Opponents can match/overpower him
  2. Due to being part Hellhound, Hellcats can be a potential enemy of his
  3. Full Hellhounds can match or potentially overpower him
  4. Full Incubi and/or Succubi can match him, while an Erogelic can counter/defeat him easily
  5. An Incubus/Succubus Lord and/or a Transcendent Incubus/Succubus can overpower him easily
  6. Other Demons, Superior Demons, Archdemons, Transcendent Demons and/or Ascended Transcendent Demons can easily match/overpower him
  7. Angels, Superior Angels, Archangels and/or Transcendent Angels can counter/overpower him
  8. Those with higher levels of Strength can overpower him
  9. Despite his Supernatural Strength, simply relying on brute Force and Strength is never a decent Strategy
  10. Despite his Supernatural Strength, he can be countered by a stronger force, thus leaving him vulnerable
  11. Despite his Supernatural Regeneration allowing him to survive being blown/torn/slashed to pieces, Decapitation and extreme Brain Damage, he can be killed if his entire Body is destroyed with no body parts to Regenerate with
  12. Attacks that can instantaneously kill him—such as One-Hit Kill—will immediately kill him
  13. Complete Destruction of his Body—if fast and strong enough—can kill him
  14. Destruction of his ‘Core’ will immediately kill him
  15. Radiation can affect him on a cellular level and cripple his Supernatural Regeneration from within to the point of being unable to function anymore
  16. Due to his Supernatural Smell, he can be overwhelmed by strong Smells/Scents
  17. His Supernatural Smell makes him vulnerable to Sensory-based Attacks
  18. Those with Inodorosity cannot be smelled with his Supernatural Smell due to them lacking a scent/smell
  19. His Pride Magic can be counter by Humility-based Abilities and Magics
  20. Those with Pyschic Shield, Indomitable Will, Pyschic Immunity and/or Apathy are immune/resistant to his Pride Magic
  21. Those with Pyschic Shield, Indomitable Will, Empathetic Shield, Pyschic Immunity and/or Apathy may be immune/resistant to his Pride Energy
  22. Humility Energy can counter his Pride Energy
  23. Those with Energy Immunity are immune to his Pride Energy
  24. Anti-Energy is the perfect counter to his Pride Energy
  25. Those with Blood Resistance may be immune to his Blood Marionette
  26. Those with Bloodlessness have no Blood for him to control with his Blood Marionette
  27. Manipulating too much of his own Blood with his Prehensile Blood can cause him to pass out from Blood Loss
  28. Those with Magic Resistance or Magic Immunity are immune/resistant to his Pride Magic and Blood Magic
  29. Anti-Magic is the perfect counter to his Pride Magic and Blood Magic
  30. Like any other Grands, he’ll become extremely exhausted or at the risk of going temporarily Unconscious after using Hellust
  31. He can only use Hellust once a/per day; once he uses it that day, he cannot use it again until the next day
  32. Since his Hellust only lasts for 2 hours, he’ll exit out of his Grand once those 2 hours are up/have passed

Backstory: Not much is fully known about the life of Quince in terms of an outsider’s perspective. In fact, most only know of the incident in which he cannibalized hundreds of Pride Demons in the span of less than an hour. This is often referred to as the Cannibal Massacre and is said to be the reason why he was exiled from the Pride Ring and almost executed via hanging. But luckily, he survived and now lives in Queens, New York, having essentially restarted his entire life..and completely mask his entire existence into a falsehood of being fixed.

Extra Info:

  • Normally, he’s 6’1 in height. However, he can become 6’3 whenever he’s wearing high heels.
  • His First and Last names translate to “Wolf’s Blood”.
  • He’s fluent in English, Russian, Portuguese and ASL alongside Devil’s Tongue, which is his very language in technicality.
  • Due to his right inner ear being severely damaged from multiple incidents of head trauma, he has Single-Sided Deafness (SSD; when one ear is completely ineffective or has no usable hearing) in said ear.
  • Alongside his Heterochromia (a condition in which the colored part of the eye (iris) is multicolored), he also has Anisometropia (a condition of asymmetric refraction between the two eyes; basically having both Farsightedness in one eye and Nearsightedness in the other).
  • Due to both personal trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), he suffers from Disassociative Amnesia (DA; when a person’s mind blocks out important information about themselves, causing “gaps” in their memory).
  • He’s the owner of The Shifting Shamrock.
  • He has an Open Marriage to Hyku, who he loves deeply and will protect him no matter what. If anything were to happen to Hyku..he’d probably be more insane than he already is. He’s also married to Lucas and in love with Delphini and Alice.
  • He has a crush on Baphomet and is a major fan of her. It’s the reason why he has Baphomet plushies and why his favorite animal is a goat.
  • He once dated Valentina; it didn’t go quite well, to put it lightly.
  • Jewel and Fang aren’t his real parents, nor are Xcer and Tatoe his actual siblings. He has no idea about this, though, nor does he know who his actual family is.
  • Although it may look like he just has regular legs, he actually has canine-like legs that he hides with the help of Shapeshifting. He also hides his wolf ears using the same method.
  • You can f—k me over all you want. But try to harass or hurt my Husbands and you’ll find out why I’m one of the best Hitmen around this city.
  • VC: Jemaine Clement
  • Theme: Judgment Day
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