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Heroic Villainy — Info Post

  Heroes and Villains are always considered to be personifications of Good and Evil with the addition of their Abilities and fighting. While they still exist, they don’t exactly get all the praise one thinks. Why? Let me explain.

  See, the very first Hero around Grand Island, Nebraska would be Nora Marshall, also known as Ringleader. Famously known for her stunts and her ability to generate and attack her Opponents with Rings, she would start a revolution of what came to be known as The Heroic Era. Her popularity led to the protection of the city for multiple years.

  However, her publicity would also grant the rise of many Villains who desired to take her down. As more of these malicious people came to light, more and more Heroes would rise up and help Nora. But while they all defeated the Villains, they were also causing destruction; something the Government had to always pay for.

  And so, the public would slowly decide to move to the middle of the morality line, trusting neither side as both would cause damage or deaths around their homes. Riots against both Heroes and Villains would come, causing the two sides to scramble for an audience.

  While these riots settled down, the popularity of such ideas came to a halt. The public had realized that the concept of Good vs Evil was pointless if it costed the city of Grand Island disaster after disaster. And to this day, while the fight continues on, they still refuse to pick a side until they’re proven otherwise.
So how exactly does one become a Hero or Villain? Well, one needs Abilities to start such a job. Here’s the ways one can become Superpowered:

  • Abilities via Inheritance/Birth: About 25% of the Heroes and Villains in Grand Island are born with unique Abilities. This is more common with an offspring of two Superpowered individuals, but one can get their inherited Powers later on in life.
  • Chemical Mutation: By injecting oneself with certain chemicals, one can be easily granted Abilities extremely fast. However, chemicals like these are extremely expensive.
  • Experimentation: Being Experimented on is actually extremely effective in turns of gaining Powers. Of course, this route can be both painful and immoral, but it’s still highly unlikely that it goes wrong nowadays.
  • Radiation: Exposure to certain Radiations can mutate someone, granting them immense Abilities. However, Radiation is obviously very dangerous and can leave one scarred permanently and left with severe damage to their body.
  • Training: Through hard word and extreme exercise, people can become extremely fast, strong and agile.
  • Powers via Objects: Certain Objects can grant someone Capabilities so long as they either wear it, hold it or have it in their possession at all times. However, these Objects can be easily stolen or broken, leaving the person powerless once again.
  • Mental Training: While many Mental-based Abilities come from birth, they can be unlocked through mental strengthening and training one’s mind.

  Of course, one could combine two different ways of Ability gaining together. However, it’s not fully recommended since it can cause problems later on.
Next, they need to gain a Class Rank. A Class Rank is a system of Ranking that places one in a specific rank based on strength, abilities, overall behavior, motivation(s), background and public reactions. The following is the entire Class Ranking System from best to worst:

  • Rank X: The best of the best if a Hero or the worst of the worst if a Villain, this person is extremely powerful and potentially dangerous if angered, especially they have zero weaknesses or vulnerabilities to exploit. Only 3 people have managed such a Rank as it’s nearly impossible for one to reach such a Rank in their lifetime.
  • Rank S: The second best or worst folks around, these people have very few weaknesses and are considered immensely strong. They do their job near-perfectly and always get the public’s attention when an X-Rank isn’t around.
  • Rank A: Most Heroes and Villains around are usually A-Ranked and are always seen throughout the city. Extremely good at their job and with immense potential and Abilities, an A-Ranked person is one of the few Ranks with higher potential.
  • Rank B: This Rank is reserved for your basic run-of-the-mill Hero or Villain who has nothing special to them. Although they can grow stronger, they’re just seen as ‘actors’ in the public’s eyes.
  • Rank C: Anyone in C-Rank can either be easily helpful for those starting out or easily annoying for others. They can be strong, but are mainly seen as Minions or Sidekicks to others in higher Ranks.
  • Rank D: Second-to-last Rank is for those who’re just starting out. While they can be dangerous or powerful, these occurrences are as rare as Diamonds when they’re bound to make mistakes.
  • Rank F: The lowest Rank is reserved for the weakest, dumbest and overall harmless people around. Getting an F-Rank is like getting a big target on your back; it’s always there until you prove yourself to be higher than F-Rank and will literally get you a full year or so of ridicule from anyone and everyone around you.

Finally, there’s gaining an audience; the hardest thing to accomplish nowadays. With the public being bored as best and downright annoyed at worst, finding those interested in you can be as hard as climbing Mount Everest itself.

  Of course, social media is one of the more faster methods. However, it can also led to enemies—or the police, if you’re a Villain—finding you faster, so it’s best to pick your cards wisely. After all, in this modern age, everything can be an act in disguise with a different motive behind the curtain.

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