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Code Catchers — Info Post

The year was 3037, and the world had just recovered from another World War. Known as The Era of Rage, this war would last for a full 2 decades and leave multiple countries in shambles. However, one man who served in the Era and survived would come up with a solution; CodeTropolis

  Although the man was never fully identified with his real name, he was known as Realization, or Zati for short. Using the past and the advancements of Technology, Zati would create a Futuristic City in the Pacific Ocean that combines aspects of Tokyo, San Francisco and New York City. Multiple people would move to CodeTropolis, admiring the environment.

  But Zati wasn’t done. For he created something far more greater; Codes.
Codes are Bio-Chips implanted into people to grant them a random Capability. Whether it’d be Shadows or Heat, anything of scientific possibility would be able to be controlled by the Coder. They are also designed for the Coder, meaning no two people could ever share the same Capabilities. As such, every Code has a Code ID consisting of a Coder’s Initials and their Date of Birth.

  A Code can be implanted into its Coder at any time and requires no downtime to implant it. In fact, they don’t even need to be unconscious for the implantation. The Code is usually implanted in a Coder’s Neck, Arm or Wrist, with their Code ID being tattooed on the scar where the implanted was inserted. Once a Code is implanted, a Coder can use their Capabilities within 24 hours of the implantation and activation.

  Of course, there is a risk to the Codes that most Coders fear; Glitches. These Glitches can cause dangerous levels of Capabilities to its Coder and can even corrupt a Code. Once a Code is Corrupted, it can cause damage to its Coder that can range from usage wounds to even death.

  Although Corrupt Coders can result in Codes, they can also result in the Coders themselves. Corrupt Coders can be Coders who use their Coded Capabilities for malicious intent. To solve this problem, all Codes are encrypted with Vulnerabilities that can limit all Coders, Corrput or otherwise. This is also where a Killcode comes into play.

  Killcodes are in every single Code and are logged into the Main Code Database to be accessed by the Coder. Should their Code become Corrupt, a Killcode must be stated aloud to temporarily or even permanently deactivate a Code’s Capabilities.

  All of this wouldn’t be possible if not for Zati’s vast technological resources. And in order to create an experience while maintaining safety, the last thing he created was an Empire known as Code INC.
As the name implies, Code INC. is dedicated to creating, implanting and monitoring all Codes and Coders. As such, there are a multitude of Jobs within the business:

  • Scourgers hunt for Corrupted Coders and bring them in for either Interrogation, Displanting, Termination or a combination of them all.
  • Assigners assign a Code to a specific person and implant them with said Code whenever they’re ready.
  • Displanters remove and study the Codes of Corrupted Coders.
  • Codifiers create Codes for a specific person.

  Alongside creating Codes, Code INC. is also responsible for the existence of Bionics, Cybernetics and Technologically Advanced Vehicles; TAV for short. While these don’t play a big part of creating Codes, they are used to advanced Society as a whole.

  However, with every good thing, there must be a bad. On June 17th, 3059, Zati was Terminated in his own office and was found dead with no trace of a culprit. While others speculate that it could’ve been an act of Suicide, many others suspect that he was Assassinated. Nonetheless, his sudden death caused an uproar and a massive panic to replace him.

  Fortunately, that replacement would become someone who rose to the top with physicality and a menacing entrance. Isabella Monroe, a former Underground Champion and Hitwoman, would quickly become the new CEO of Code INC. months after Zati’s death. Her position had soon started an expansion into Combat and a desire to stay on top. To this day, Isabella has remained as the CEO and has shown no signs of retirement.
While Isabella has remained at the top of Code INC., the fight for complete control of CodeTropolis was still in full force. You see, Zati was considered to be the Mayor of CodeTropolis and was always seen as the  leader of the entire city by both Regulars and Coders. Therefore, his death left the spot open to this day, and many people still fight for such a powerful position.

  A noteworthy example of such is Cecilia Murphy, who is commonly known as the Midnight Mother. Originally working at Code INC. as a Scourger, Cecilia was fired upon Isabella’s first day of CEO due to unknown reasons. She is now a Vigilante and a Hitwoman, desiring to take Code INC. and CodeTropolis for herself. She is also known to cause destructive chaos with the use of her Shadows Capability just to spite Isabella and show the holes within Code INC.

  The fight for CodeTropolis has become a Warzone for a multitude of Coders beyond Cecilia. As it continues to rage onwards, non-Coders began to wonder whether or not The Era of Rage would be returning in a completely different setting.

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