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Exterminate Tartarus — Info Post

  While there are many tales of Afterlives and the beings that live down below or up above, Humanity only sees them as relatively fictional and as a hint to support their beliefs. However, they weren’t prepared for the truth. And instead of being blessed with more evidence to a falsehood they pray on, it gave them terror beyond any imagination.

  Rather than anything beautiful, what came out instead were simply known as Majins and Malakims. Said to be from Tophet and Avalon respectfully, they birthed a horrifying realization; there was no Afterlife. Instead, there was two Dimensions with both possessing one gaol; take whatever they please.

  This truth would lead to the Government, the FBI and the CIA collectively funding and creating the Dimensional Extermination Force, or D.E.F for short. The D.E.F’s task was simple; kill all Majins and Malakims. But what were these beings exactly? Well, let’s find out together.
Majins are Demonic entities that thrive within Tophet. These beings are uniquely Deaf and are incapable of hearing anything. As such, they rely heavily on their sight to detect any danger. Majins are known for their Shapeshifting capabilities, able to transform into Animals or even Humans. A Majin’s main weakness is Pure Silver, though they can resist this if they’re strong enough.

  On the other spectrum are Malakims; Angelic beings from Avalon who’re Blind and rely on their smell and hearing to guide them. Malakims are naturally more humanoid than Majins and uniquely possess wings. All Malakims are weak to Pure Gold and—unlike Majins—cannot resist it.

  Neither a Majin’s Deafness nor a Malakim’s Blindness can be cured. They also cannot reproduce with each other and perceive one another as enemies. However, they both share a goal in mind; claim Earth and all of its values to attempt to enhance themselves. Due to this, both species are incredibly dangerous.

  This is why the D.E.F was funded in the first place; nobody in the entire world could help these supernaturals with their disabilities, nor could they exactly ally with something they don’t understand. As such, the D.E.F is a worldwide organization, though its main location is in Seattle, Washington.
  In order to effectively handle the global crisis, the D.E.F is divided into Districts that each handle a specific task:

  • Hunters District: This District deals with exterminating Majins and Malakims in any means necessary.
  • Cleanup District: The Cleanup District handles cleaning of killed Majins and Malakims alongside any Humans who were killed in the crossfire.
  • Pinpoint District: This District locates Majins and Malakims on a global scale to send out Hunters.
  • Scrutiny District: The Scrutiny District studies the deceased bodies of both Majins and Malakims in order to gain information about them.

  Alongside Districts, the D.E.F also has a Grading System for all of its members, with each grade level granting benefits. The following are the Grades in descending order:

  1. Honcho: The highest Grade in the D.E.F is reserved for the head of the organization as a whole. As such, there can only be one Honcho.
  2. Kingpin: Kingpins are the leader of a District and command anyone within said District. There are only four available spots for someone to become a Kingpin.
  3. Wingman: Wingmen are the Deputies of Kingpins, usually serving as their second-in-command. Occasionally, a Wingman can become a Kingpin if a Kingpin dies or retires and must choose a new Wingman in their place.
  4. Personnel: Personnel are regular members of the D.E.F, working in whatever District they wish. They can even switch between Districts and work in two Districts at the same time.
  5. Temp: The lowest Grade in the D.E.F. Temps are part-time members who only work whenever they’re needed and can do their own work in the meantime.

  While the D.E.F has maintained its stability, they’ve only handled about a fourth of the worldwide problem. It’s only a matter of time before the President, the Head of FBI and the Head of the CIA do their daily check-in and find the organization’s slowness.
Meanwhile, many people have discovered a way to make themselves stronger through a multitude of research and experimentation. Scientists around the glode are able to enhance people with the following tatics:

  • Cybernetics: This is the most popular yet most expensive enhancement out there. By replacing a body part or organ with a Cybernetic version of it, one can become immensely enhanced.
  • Metallic Replacements: While not as powerful as Cybernetics, Metallic Replacements are less expensive. Replacing one’s body part with a replica made for Silver, Steel, Iron, Titanium, Aluminum or even Tungsten grants the user immense durability in that area.
  • Genical B-XC: This Genetically modifying chemical can mutate anyone on a Genetic scale and grant them bodily-based Abilities. For example, one can gain the Ability to manipulate their Blood.
  • Radioactive Mutation: The most lethal enhancement around, Radioactive Mutation is highly effective and highly dangerous. While it can enhance anyone exposed to certain Radiations, it can also cause permanent damage and lifelong side effects.
  • Blood Infusion: Finally, there’s the questionable idea of infusion one’s Blood with either Majin Blood or Malakim Blood. While it doesn’t make them a Hybrid, it instead grants them Abilities that they naturally possess.

  These Enhancements alongside the D.E.F are forever benefiting the entire world as it deals with the Majins and the Malakims. And with the Government’s new plan—Operation Tartarus—in full swing, it’s only a matter of time before the entirety of Earth is plunged into a War between Humanity and the Uncanny.

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