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Name: Kent Numos

Alias: Loki

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Species: Homo-Magi

Age: 21

Personality: Cocky, a bit of an ego, somewhat lovable, flirty, Kind, caring and very loving

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Omnisexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Magician/Gorgon slayer

Throwing Knives (It it unknown how many he truly has)
Throwing knife concept by peterku on DeviantArt
Basic Abilities:
Enhanced Charisma
Enhanced Beauty
Homo-Magi Physiology: As magic is deep within his body, he can use it for various things

Illusion Manipulation: He can manipulate illusions/hallucinations, causing targets to see, hear, touch, smell or taste things differently from what they truly are. At its base, Kent can distort the shape and size of an object or area. Though it becomes more difficult the more complex the illusion becomes.

Magical Energy Manipulation: He has the ability to manipulate the magical energy within his body, make constructs, and even infuse that energy into the knives he uses

Teleportation: Kent is able to teleport to a medium range. That is really all there is to it

Teleportation Negation

Users of Teleportation Immunity

Users of Teleportation Diversion

Users of Teleportation Prediction

Illusion Negation

Users of Illusion Awareness and Reflection

Users of Magic Immunity are either completely immune or at least highly resistant.

Magic Negation


Absolute Condition

He can grow extremely exhausted with overusing his Illusion abilities and his Magical Energy manipulation


Extra Info:
He, being the youngest of the siblings was spoiled the most.

Despite the ego, he has moments where he shows his absolute love and care for his brothers

His skill with knives is something to be noted as he has been known to hit running targets at angels that should be impossible

He got his scar from a Gorgon slashing his face

He has partial self Cacophobia

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