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Order of the Rebellious: Part 7

  The silent darkness of the underground caverns echoed in no tune. The only audible sounds were the footsteps of Howard and Flazar as they continued their way through the caverns. 

  “So I assume you and your group goes around helping others?” Flazar asked Howard, curious.

  Howard nods. “We just help others without worrying about any higher-ups, basically. We have a Flying Ship that can take us to different Dimensions and Worlds.”

  “You have a flying ship?” Flazar spoke with surprise as he looks at Howard. “How?

  Howard shrugs. “Something I built myself, actually. The S.S Maribella.”

  “Maribella, huh?” Flazar hums. “Named it after a friend or something?

  Howard paused. “My Mother, actually. She passed away from the Flu..”

  “Oh..” Flazar slowly paused. “Sorry that happened to ya..

  Howard sighs. “It’s alright. I’ve gotten over it..”

  Flazar nods as he continues walking, though he hears something. He eventually stopped. “I think one of them is near..

  “A Psammoslin?” Howard asked.

  Flazar nods, holding his Staff closer.

  Howard immediately got the message as he created Esoteric Water to surround him. Looking around him, he could see a gigantic Centipede in front of himself and Flazar. It squealed with anger.

  “You ready, Waterman?” Flazar asked, generating a strange Magma-like Fire.

  Howard nods. “Let’s do this.”

  “Do it we shall!” Flazar shouts, sending a Magma-Fire Slash at the Psammoslin. It recoiled in pain before spitting out a blast of Poison.

  Howard used his Esoteric Water to block the Poison, watching Flazar send out multiple Magma-Fire Attacks at the Psammoslin before sending out Esoteric Water Slashes at the beast.

  The Psammoslin hisses in response, sending out more Poison Blasts at the two.

  “Keep going, Waterman!” Flazar shouts, firing more Magma-Fire at the Psammoslin.

  Howard takes a deep breath, firing a massive Esoteric Water Beam at the Psammoslin

  The Psammoslin was sent back, slamming into a wall. It hissed in pain, seemingly stunned.

  “Let’s finish this!” Flazar smirks, generating a ton of Magma-Fire.

  Howard nods, generating more Esoteric Water before firing it at the Psammoslin. He watches as his Esoteric Water mixed with Flazar’s Magma-Fire.

  The Mixture Attack struck the Psammoslin in the head as it was killed on the spot, collapsing.

  “Hell yeah! We did it!” Flazar cheers, facing Howard. “Not a bad fight, Waterman.

  Howard smiles. “Thanks, but we better keep moving. Who knows what my friends ran into.”

  “On it!” Flazar gives a thumbs up before running through the caverns, leading Howard to a hopeful escape.

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