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Dawn of the Sabers — Info Post

  The date is September 17, 2064. The people of Perth, Australia suddenly begin developing Personal Capabilities. Why? Well, it’s unknown, but it results in alot of things. However, let’s discuss what a Personal Capability is.

  A Personal Capability is described as a unique Ability a person has that nobody else possesses, making their user the sole user of said Capability. Examples of such include Personal Coldness, Personal Electricity and so on. These also reflect one’s personality; an example is a fierce Woman may have Personal Fire. However, these come with Drawbacks and Limitations. And while most of them vary by User to User, this is the general Drawback and Limitation of all Personal Capabilities:

  • Drawback: It’s said and shown that overuse of one’s Personal Capability not only leads to the User becoming weaker, but also causes them to be injured or damaged by the very thing they control until they stop. An example is a Personal Fire User getting burned due to over-usage.
  • Limitation: The majority of all Personal Capabilities are limited by range (and can even be limited to contact only) along only being able to be used/affect certain Matter.

  Remember the date from earlier? Well, now that date is referred to as The Unnatural Blessing. And everyone who’s been blessed on this day has been able to use and master their Personal Capabilities

  That was..until Deathbreak came..
  Deathbreak is the name of the day of November 9th, 2066. A powerful group known as The Crimson Reapers have slowly grown to become the most dangerous gang in the entirety of Australia. And on this day, they officially began their reign of Terror and Territorial Dispute. What would come from this aside from mass violence is the creation of two new Systems that’re still used today; P.E.R.I.L and the Hierarchy Grades.

  P.E.R.I.L stands for Parameters of Extremely Risky Individuals and Leagues. It is used to tell the Danger Level of an individual based on their background, Personal Capability and more. The following is the P.E.R.I.L (or just Peril) Level Chart:

  • Level 1: Safe
  • Level 2: Minor Risk
  • Level 3: Risk
  • Level 4: Dangerous
  • Level 5: Menace
  • Level 6: Threat
  • Level 7: Lethal

  Meanwhile, the Hierarchy Grades are Grades to tell one’s overall Social Class and Wealth. The following is the official Hierarchy Grades Chart:

  • Grade F: Lower Class
  • Grade D: Working Class
  • Grade C: Middle Class
  • Grade B: Upper-Middle Class
  • Grade A: Upper Class
  • Grade S: Elite Class

  Both P.E.R.I.L and the Hierarchy Grades were created by a different group; The Saber Syndicate. This group only has one goal in mind; to kill every single member of The Crimson Reapers once and for all. And for the first time in 9 years, they may have finally started it. But at what cost?

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