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Name: Lex Angstrom Villarreal

Alias: Seismic

Alignment: N/A


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Species: Supernatural Human

Age: 24


“If I got a nickel for every time my bracelets caused the destruction of a presidental building, I’d have 2 nickels.. Which isn’t a lot but it’s bad it’s happened twice right?”

Experimental, Curious, Sadistic, Caring, somewhat-cautious

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Omnisexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Scientist/Inventor/Fun-Uncle


Seismology Gloves: These gloves can produce extremely powerful shockwaves, when cranked to full power then can also make earthquakes.

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Luck (Expert Level)

Seismology Mastery

Inventing Mastery

Supernatural Condition (II)

Enhanced Healing Factor (II)

Violence Mastery

Daredevil Expertise

Shockwave Manipulation:

Concussive Force

Explosion Inducement

Focused Shockblast

Internal Rupturing

Linear Converse Emission

Shockwave Generation

Shockwave Clap

Shockwave Flick

Shockwave Snap

Shockwave Stomp

Sonic Boom Generation

Sound Wave Generation

Vibration Emission

Pressure Manipulation:

Pressure Attacks

Pressure Immunity


Blunt Force Immunity.

Weak against Explosive Negation, and especially to users that

have Explosion Immunity.

Regenerative Healing Factor.

Internal Invulnerability/Invulnerability/Unfettered Body

Vibration Absorption can absorb shockwaves.

Vibration Negation cancels the shockwaves.

Jinx may be able to lessen or remove their luck.

Luck Nullification can fully negate the user’s luck completely while Luck Erasure means it is gone completely

Sound Absorption/Immunity/Nullification can mess up his sonic booms

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:

It is unknown if he truly knows any real hand to hand combat. As one time he was jumped by some thugs and came out bloody, but a winner.

The 2 scars on his left cheek are self inflicted from his “tests”.

The scar under his right eye was made during a knife fight

The one over his left eye however.. is a complete mystery

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