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Felix Ashton

Name: Felix Ashton

Age: 35

Occupation: Former Con Man, Informant, Consultant

Physical Appearance:

  • Height: 6’0″ (183 cm)
  • Build: Slim and agile
  • Hair: Dark, slicked-back
  • Eyes: Sharp and piercing
  • Distinguishing Features: A mischievous glint in his eyes, often seen in well-tailored suits


  • Charismatic: Felix possesses a natural charm and wit that allows him to effortlessly manipulate others.
  • Intelligent: He has a sharp mind, capable of quick thinking and adapting to various situations.
  • Resourceful: Felix is highly skilled in improvisation and problem-solving, making the most out of any given scenario.
  • Ambitious: Driven by a desire for thrill and wealth, he initially used his talents for personal gain, but later finds a new purpose.
  • Transformative: Throughout his journey, Felix undergoes a profound transformation, seeking redemption and using his skills for good.


  • Early Life: Details about Felix’s upbringing are ambiguous, deliberately shrouded in mystery. His talents for forgery and deception emerged at a young age.
  • Con Artist Years: Felix spent his adult life as a notorious con man, assuming various identities to carry out elaborate scams and acquire wealth.
  • Turning Point: Encounters Amelia, a young woman who sees through his charade and becomes a close friend, influencing him to reassess his choices.
  • Redemption: Felix transitions from a life of deceit to using his skills to expose frauds and help victims reclaim their stolen assets.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Master Forger: Proficient in replicating various documents and creating convincing identities.
  • Disguise Expert: Skilled at altering his appearance through makeup, clothing, and body language to assume different personas.
  • Observation and Perception: Possesses keen observational skills, able to read people and situations quickly.
  • Persuasion and Manipulation: Has a natural ability to charm and manipulate others to achieve his goals.
  • Problem-solving: Can think on his feet and find creative solutions to unexpected challenges.


  • Emotional Vulnerability: Despite his charismatic exterior, Felix harbors emotional scars and struggles with trust and vulnerability.
  • Impulsivity: His adventurous nature and thirst for excitement can lead him to take unnecessary risks.
  • Past Reputation: Felix’s history as a con man leaves him vulnerable to those seeking revenge or justice.


  • Amelia: A close friend and confidante who sees the potential for change within Felix and becomes a significant influence on his transformation.
  • Detective Morgan: Initially a pursuer, Detective Morgan develops a complicated relationship with Felix, gradually gaining respect and forming an unlikely alliance.


  • Redemption: After a life of deception, Felix seeks to make amends for his past actions and use his unique skills to expose fraud and help others.
  • Personal Growth: Striving to overcome his emotional barriers and find genuine connections beyond the superficiality of his former life.
  • Sense of Justice: Driven by a desire to uncover the truth and expose those who exploit others through deceit.
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