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Character Profiles: Harry Gorrman aka Thrash

Here we are. To shake things up, lets take a look at a villain from the Broken Arrow Initiative! Keep a note of the number. If you know the tragedy of Jack Barrick, you’ll understand its meaning. Enjoy!

Villain Name: Thrash (1)
Real Name: Harry Gorrman
Superpower: hyper tissue regeneration, body is basically a walking nuclear reactor due to massive exposure to nuclear and toxic waste and chemicals and has adapted its regeneration ability to encase this radiation. Enhanced strength but rather poor eyesight.

Harry Gorrman was always on the run, being a notorious but rather clumsy burglar. He was offered a huge pay cut by a known mob boss, if he could manage to secure a set of documents relating to land owned by a chemical testing company. Unfortunately, due to poor planning, bad tool and horrible timing, he ended up getting a bit more than what he came for. Namely accidentally plunging into a vat of nuclear and chemical waste. And being left there for 3 whole months. Until his regeneration kicked in and saved him. Now he’s a hulking mass of radioactivity and horribly scarred muscle. And he’s pissed.

Once again, if you would like to see more villains or another hero or perhaps even a post that explains more about this world let me know!

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