Original Characters


Name: Casey [N/A]

Alias: Road-Runner, Bugs-Bunny

Alignment: Forced Lawful-Neutral

(Out of Get up)

(In Get-up)

Species: Human

Age: 20

Personality: Quiet, Intelligent, Resourceful, Helpful, Dependant

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Pronouns: He/Him

Occupation: Get-away driver

His Car (2023 Toyota)
2023 Toyota GR86 Coupe Digital Showroom | Modesto Toyota
Assault Rifle (Kept in back of his car)

Basic Abilities:
Peak Human Condition (Preforms them at Enhanced II)
Enhanced Athleticism
Enhanced Vision
Enhanced Proprioception
Peak human Gun/Marksmanship

Photographic Memory

Archetype: Thief
Driving/Vehicular Mastery (Get-away driving)
Access and Occlusion
Crime Mastery
Escape Artistry
Sport Mastery

Lock-Picking Mastery
Peak Human Parkour Mastery/Combat

Thief Nullification
Sensory Overload
Sense Nullification
Supernatural Condition (II-III)
Absolute Condition
Awareness Distortion
Sense Removal
Sensory Deprivation

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
He is 5’9

He was taken in by Clarise when she found him having succussed in getting into her car

He is deaf but choses to not wear hearing aids

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