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Marvel’s Greatest Tourist: Issue #4

April 24, XXXX

New York, New York! I finally made it. It took my bike, a rental bike, a scooter from a dumpster, and my own two legs to get here, but the view was worth the hurdles. I went to a motel to get a room for a few days. I came to this city to find answers to the origin of my powers, and with all the crazy events that happened here, this could be my best shot. But before all that, a little sightseeing.


The Watcher: “While that was happening, enemies from his recent past had also arrived in this bustling metropolis.”

The Typhon Biker Gang reached the city on their motorcycles, looking for Locale. They were still sore from their upsetting defeat by one man. Meanwhile, another threat hid in the shadows with devices that could bring this city, this planet, to its knees. 

????: “Are you done with that bomb, Snake Whip? Her Highness does not like when she has to wait.”

Snake Whip: Bloodlust, we both know you are the impatient one. We still have a few more stops before we can set them off at once for maximum damage.”

Bloodlust: “Dah! Knockout and Mindblast are probably finished by now.”

The Watcher: “How will Locale deal with these incoming threats, I wonder?”


My first stop will be The Statue of Liberty, but I am not taking the boat, trying to save money for the important stuff. So, I will hoof it, thanks to the dirt on my shoes. I transmuted it, and now everything around me is like solid earth, even the water I jumped into. It was a bit of a jog, but it was cost-free. I even waved at the people going to the same place by boat.

I snapped some photos of the Big Lady and enjoyed the nice breeze. My next stop was going to be at The Baxter Building before the base of The Statue exploded with this weird energy, and then other places in NYC also were hit with the same kind of explosions. The Statue started to fall with people below and in her. I had to quickly transmute the air around me and grab her ankle before she completely fell. The reality around me became very floaty, and The Statue stopped falling.

I was on there for about an hour before The Invincible Iron Man flew in. He was surprised that I kept the thing from falling for so long. He went to the head and pushed upward. Then he fired some science foam to keep her studying so I could get off. He thanked me before flying off, saying the other Avengers were trying to catch the arsonists. I got off the island the same way I came and reached the mainland. I have a feeling that more of my fellow civilians are going to need some help.

Everything was getting crazy. People and cars were going every which way. I was expecting something this would happen but not literally 5 hours in. This place is cursed or something. I saw another of those strange explosions nearby. Before heading for it, The Typhon Biker Gang surrounded me!

Locale: “Argus! What are you guys doing here?”

Argus: “Payback, Defect.”

Locale: “Really? During all this turmoil?”

Argus: “Why not? After all, all the cops are busy. Let Rough Him Up!”

All the bikers tried to drive at me, but I transmuted the air around me again and floated up so that some of them crashed. I ran swiftly into the sky with Argus and his boys following me.

Locale: “How did you know I was here?”

Argus: “Malstrom told us after speaking with your ma and pa.”

Locale: “Malstrom? …Malory!”

Malory: “Yeah, I went up and asked all innocent-like. They never guessed that they were giving away information that would be used against their “Barnbee.”

I was not happy that they knew what my parents called me. Before my embarrassment could wear off, Argus shot me in the arm, and I slid against the 10th floor of a building. Argus was readying another shot before Iron Man and Captain Marvel came in fighting that Knockout chick from before and another woman with…a brain in a jar on top of her head? She threw a device at the two Avengers but missed, and, unfortunately, The Typhon Gang, Argus, and Malstrom took the hit. They were gone, and the ones who weren’t in the blast drove off in terror.

There was no time to mourn. I need a bandaid or medicine to get rid of this wound. I floated away from the fight. The Avengers got this.


The Watcher: “While Locale turned his eyes away from the fight, Knockout’s eyes were turned towards him. She remembered him; that distraction was enough for Captain Marvel to knock her out. Mindblast had no choice but to retreat, using the remaining bombs as a diversion.”

Mindblast: “What was that back there?”

Knockout: “I’m sorry. Its that guy.”

Mindblast: “What guy? Iron Man? An Ex?”

Knockout: “No! When I was trying to escape SHIELD, this out of place, nobody who got in my way. He’s here.”

Mindblast: “So?”

Knockout: “He had a large birthmark on his face. It reminded me of that thing the boss has, and he had weird powers.”

Mindblast: “If you are so concerned about it, I can look into this later.”


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