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Marvel’s Greatest Tourist: Issue #3

April 23, 2023

I am standing on the sideline with a massive crowd in West Virginia. We watched one of the most remarkable members of The Avengers, The Mighty Thor, fighting a giant suit of armor that shot lasers from its face. I thought, who was in there? Maybe an energy being. Anyway, This was so cool as lightning and lasers were flying everything.

Thor: “Come, Destroyer! Let us embrace!”

The Destroyer fired another beam from his face hole. Thor deflected it with his famous hammer, Mjolnir. I knew I would see great stuff on my travels, but I never expected an epic battle like this on Day 4. The Destroyer rushed with great speed, only for Thor to fly out of the way as he crashed into a car. Thor spun his hammer to generate electricity and fired at him. The car exploded, but The Destroyer lived. That was some armor.

The Destroyer picked up a car and tossed it. The vehicle was flying towards a crowd of people on the further right where I was. I dashed over as fast as possible and managed to get in front. I didn’t want to do this publicly, but I hocked up a loogie to hit the car. I can use any part of my body to transmute things, even if they are not a part of me anymore. So, the car vanished. This battle was going to be too dangerous for us civilians around. I should help end it.

I ran towards The Destroyer, enhanced by the effect the car grants me speed-wise. Thor was shocked when I came out from the crowd. Before he could tell me to leave, I slid underneath the big lug and released the car from my power. I tapped the armor and used my power. The suit was gone, but I did not see anyone come out.

Locale: “Was that some kind of remote-controlled robot?”

Thor: “Aye. In a way, it is. The Destroyer was being controlled mentally by someone who stole from the vault of Asgard. What matter of sorcery was that?”

Thor was talking to me, and I almost geeked out a bit but regained my composure.

Locale: “N-no. That is my special ability. That Destroyer Robo is still here, just around us, but it is in neutral so that reality isn’t affected.”

Thor: “Astounding! You may not look it, but you clearly have a warrior’s courage.”

Locale: “Oh, it’s like my dad once said, “What separates a great man from the common folk is a daring attitude.”

Thor: “Aha! Those are great words to live by…ah?”

Locale: “You can call me Locale.”

Thor: “Very well, Friend Locale, Destroyer Vanisher.”

I smiled that someone gave me a nickname that wasn’t based on my birthmark.

????: “No, No, No. This will not do, Brother. I sent The Destroyer to face only you.”

We both turned to the source of the voice, and a dude with an even stranger helmet showed up. I took a picture of him.

Thor: “Loki!”

Loki: “If I had known if there was a mortal with the power to stop The Destroyer Armor, I would have unleashed it in the woods.”

Locale: “You want your armor back? Here. Thor! Jump and swing where I am standing  now!”

I released the Destroyer as Thor struck it when it rematerialized. The armor flew straight at Loki and pinned him down. The crowd cheered. Thor thanked me for helping and promised to return the favor the next time we met as he took The Destroyer and Loki. I continued my journey. It won’t be long before I reach NYC.


The Watcher: “Loki was indeed hauled back to Asgard, but before he could be punished for his crimes, it turned out that it was a puppet, and the real one was still at large.”

Loki sat in his hidden fortress, watching what transpired this day.

Loki: “Hmmm. Interesting “Special Ability” indeed. Hehehe. I think I found my next weapon against my accursed brother. Hahahaha!”

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