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Marvel’s Greatest Tourist: Issue #2

April 21, XXXX

Everything was average after the first full day of my journey. I took some pictures of a bunch of bunnies, a rainbow, and a five-car pile-up. But at the end of the second day, I was running through North Carolina, and then, a few miles ahead of me, a helicarrier fell from the sky and crashed near the woods. I dashed over there to get some pics of the disaster. When I got there, the blazing helicarrier had the beta sign on it, and I did not see any people come out. They might still be trapped inside. I grabbed a water bottle and transmuted some of it, and went in. The fire did not touch me. In fact, they became extinguished, but the flame still grew. I had to hurry.

I found some SHIELD Agents and removed some of the rubble by causing them to float out with my watery presence. I extended my localized reality to the entrance and to get them to safety as I kept going further in. I saved more and saw more that did not make it. One of the agents told me to be careful because a criminal caused this. I am glad he told me that because I am not looking for a fight. I got to the bridge, where another agent was fighting this woman with weird-looking brass knuckles.

I tended to the agents who were injured or caught in the rubble. I asked the ones who were physically fine to take the wounded outside. One of them told me that the woman was called Knockout and that she was super strong. As they finished saying that, she tossed the one who was in charge of Helicarrier β and ran towards us. I focused my localized reality on her to disrupt her momentum. I used it to perform a jump kick to her abdomen. She was knocked over because she had no balance near me. I went over to the commander and quickly ran out.

The helicarrier was exploding around us, but the reality effect kept the flames at bay, not the shockwaves. We practically came out of the thing shaking like fruit inside Jell-O. The commander thank me for my assistance. If I hadn’t shown up, the causalities would have been way worse, but he was upset about that lady, saying something about new bomb tech. I was happy to help and went on my way, but with one problem. When I use my powers on an object, it returns to its original location when it changes back, or I use my powers on something else. I would have to find a new means of transport. I am sure to think of something.


The WatcherOur traveler marches on to the next leg of his journey, but what about the one who caused his little detour?

She survived the explosion, got some distance from the Shield Agents, and made contact with someone. 

????: “I am glad you made it out, Elizabeth. Did you tell them anything about the bombs?”

Knockout: “N-no, I activated the remote control I hid my hair and caused them all to explode at once, taking down there little air base.”

????: “Excellent. With each matter that those bombs absorb, my power grows. We will pick you, but if you get captured again, I will personally feed you to it.”

Knockout: “Ye-yes, madam. It won’t happen again.”

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I also go by the pen name Regis Floats, the author of The Good Enough Evil/ Bonsatilum Series.

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