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The Facultkin Band: Entry 16

Woofer, Chef Mariloft, and I volunteered to test out Barn’s new docking anchor of our new home base, Freeman Jr., since it exists between dimensions. When it appears in another world, the anchor will act as a doorway between our HQ and that world. We stepped through the gateway that was connected to it and appeared in a rather withered forest. All the trees had no leaves to speak, and Mariloft did not like it. I agreed, but Woofer claimed that he would protect us if something came at us. Then a bell rolled at his feet, and the noise caused him to jump into Mariloft’s arms. Then we heard an unsettling giggle from the top of the trees.

It was a gray-skinned girl with a mix-matched outfit. She welcomed us to The Hinterlands and introduced herself as Folderal Frankie, Spirit of Decorations. She stretched out her hand, and it turned into a long ribbon. With it, that girl shook me out of my jumpsuit. The thief then ran off, stating that my outfit would be part of her latest decorative triumph. After making Prophet my temporary attire, I scolded them on why they didn’t help. (Prophet: I told her to stop being such a scared cat. Her strong negative emotions make it hard to manifest.) My squad needed to find her. All the Super Dragon Balls were in my jumpsuit.

We went through the Hinterlands until we came across a bunch of particular trees with doors of various images on them, like a Christmas Tree, an Egg, or even a Clover. The turkey one was opened. We assumed she went there and went in, only to see a town covered in spiders, bats, and pumpkin ornaments. Mariloft and Woofer noticed that the people here were Pilgrims. We went up to some of them, but all panicked and grabbed their pitchforks, screaming, “Demons!” at us. We ran and hid in an actual barn until the hunt died down. A woman spotted us, but Woofer threw a small speaker at her to prevent her from shouting. I disapproved of this, but it was handy.

We told her we were here to find someone, not trouble when she woke up. She said that Thanksgiving Town fell into chaos since Folderol came a few minutes ago, and I told her we were looking for her. The woman said she first appeared at the town hall, where we went, and falling plastic skulls greeted us. Folderol bellowed, “Happy Halloween!” as more spooky ornaments flew out of her body. Woofer tossed a speaker her way, and she noticed. Her fingers became ornaments with hooks at the end, and those hooks extended into blades. She ran out of Woofer and proceeded to maul him. Mariloft spotted my Tempus over by a statue, and we walked over. Folderol finished Woofer and went after us. Mariloft said to get Tempus as she distracted her. We kept hearing our friend’s plight as we reached my jumpsuit back.

We turned back towards Folderol and charged at her. Our new enemy morphed into a geyser of streamers. Prophet punched where her head would pop out, and she materialized further away from us. Woofer and Mariloft stood at my side as we performed our first combo attack, Sweet-Sounding Victory. Woofer tossed some speakers around her as I morphed Prop into soundwaves at my friend. Mariloft focused her power on my seer. The speakers fired Prophet out at Folderol, and she was mesmerized by the sounds of “Olive is best boi. Olive is best boi. Olive is best boi.” Woofer snicked, but Mariloft immediately smacked him. Very Funny, Prop. Folderal conceded. She only wanted to spread the holidays to these worlds, but most are stuck in their own festivities. She admired someone named Jack Skellington for changing things up, but now she wants to spread celebratory joy for all. She seemed nice, and we offered her a place with us if no one wanted her brand of joy. Woofer interjected, but Mariloft whacked him with her spoon.

Folderol leaped at me, saying she would love to come with us. We left Thanksgiving Town with all manner of food and gifts, a token of appreciation from the folks there for getting Folderol and her decoration out. At Freeman Jr., We introduced her to the rest of the team before she started going around the city blocks decorating for Halloween. This is going to be something to get used to.


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