Original Characters


Name: Craig Lucile Thomson

Alias: Talon’s Warrior

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Species: Pseudo-Demigod

Age: Mid twenties

Personality: Calm, Collected, Kind, Precise, Pragmatic

Gender: Male

Sexuality: ???

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Monster Hunter

The Bird Goddess Bonded to his soul: Talo.

Talo’s Bow (As seen in pic but, have a close up)

Throwing/Teleportation knives
Throwing: (35)
See the source image

Teleporting: (4)
See the source image

Supernatural Condition (III)
Hunting Intuition
Supernatural Stealth
Supernatural Tracking
Unique Eye color (Ice Blue)
Glowing eyes
Supernatural Weapon Proficiency
Tactical Analysis
Bow and Arrow Proficiency
Combat Proficiency
Divine Air Manipulation/Constructs/Solidification/Generation/Air-Enhanced Condition

Human/Avian Physiology:
Supernaturally Enhanced Physiology
Ultraviolet Perception
Claw Retraction
Feather Generation
Electromagnetic Vision
Wing Manifestation
Feather Cutting
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Balance
Enhanced Endurance
Enhanced Lung Capacity
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Senses
Skeleton Manipulation
Retroactive Immortality (Via Talo)
Unnatural Presence



Tag Combo(s):

Absolute Condition
Absolute Combat
Wings being damaged
Damaging his soul will damage Talo and therefore will mess up some of his powers
Divine/God Slayers
Soul aimed Attacked
Sensory Overload
Attacking when his skeleton is hollow


Extra Info:

He is deeply in love with Rosalina just hasn’t told them yet

Talo and him make puns either in their heads or under their breath

Talo and him can speak Roman, Greek, Latin, and Spanish

Talo grants him resurrection due to her pulling his soul right back in after death then activating their healing factor

His Teleporting knives were actually a part of Talo

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