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Competition of Arts — Info Post

  Fighting; an Art of Brawling and Violence between two or more participants. Fighting has existed for as long as Mankind could throw the World’s first Punch. But fast-forward to 2021, and the Art of Violent Throw-Downs has risen. Alongside that, 3 people would come to make it bigger.

  They call themselves The Striking Sisters; 3 Triplet Sisters who changed the world. Each Sister took a type of Fighting Style and created a Brawling Empire with it. Who are they? I’m glad you asked.


Teressa, Holder of Weaponry:

With all my Shots, your Pain will be all you got.

  Tessera—Also known by the public as Goldshot—took the art of using Weapons in Combat. A professional in Gun Kata, Tessera’s named her band of Weapon users The Ancient Arsenals. And unlike her Sisters, she’s willing to let anyone who uses Weapons in, no matter what they do to make money. The Ancient Arsenals are located in Salvador, Brazil.


Roseline, Fist of The Unarmed:

May the Bloodiest of Brutality gift me the win!

  Roseline, also known as Rose or Bloodfist, is known for her Sadism and her Brutality in every fight she’s in. Taking the art of Unarmed Combat for herself, she gathered a bunch of Martial Artists to form The Fists of Famed, which is located in Shanghai, China.


Adari, Powerhouse of Pride:

I hold all the Power. All you have left to hold is your Life.

  Adari is a literal Powerhouse. Holding the Powers she’s gained throughout the years, she’s feared the most out of The Striking Sisters. Allowing both Powered Humans and even the Supernatural to enter in, she’s dubbed her gang The Prideful Potentials. Her group is located in Melbourne, Australia.
  All three of The Striking Sisters’ groups have Ranks, Rules, Positions and Punishments that they share with each other:

  • Instead of using Letters or Numbers, The Striking Sisters chose to use Names for their Ranking System; specifically, Names of Mythological Animals. The highest Rank one can get is Dragon; the Second-In-Command and the ones right below the Sisters. Under that are the Ranks of Kraken, Chimera and Werebeast. The lowest Rank, however, is different in each of the three Groups. In The Ancient Arsenals, it’s Jaguar; in The Fists of Famed, it’s Tiger and in the The Prideful Potentials, it’s Lion. Newcomers often immediately start out at the lowest Rank unless they’ve made a good first impression.
  • The Positions in each group are mainly the same; there’s Members, Associates and Suppliers. Members are those who’ve fully joined the group. Associates are those who just work alongsidethe group they chose and may not work full-time or be associated with someone or something else. Suppliers are people who give and retrieve Supplies and Information to the group.
  • Each Sister has a small group of high-ranked Subordinates, known as Squad Members who’re allowed to temporarily help their group. For example, one Squad could be Assassins, another could be a Squad of Spies, etc.
  • Every year, each of the 3 Groups have a requirement for their Dragon-Ranked person and the Best and/or Outstanding person of that year to compete in a Dual to become the Successor of the Sister. Whoever loses and makes it alive is allowed to join their Group’s Squad and become a Squad Member.
  • The Sisters do have one agreed and specific Rule for joining; one must have at least one Style related to the Style that the specific Sister focuses on. For example, a Swordswoman can only join The Ancient Arsenals.
  • Newcomers and New Recruits are all required to complete a Trial to prove how Strong they are.
  • Among their own requirements, Skills, Strength, Devotion and Loyalty are all important to all of the Sisters.
  • Some of the Sisters do have specific Rules only for their Group. For example, Adari bans the use of Mystical Martial Arts, but allows the use of regular Martial Arts.
  • Punishments within all of the Sisters’ Groups are said to be Brutal. If a Member betrays their Group, their personal online information is Stolen, their Reputations are purposefully ruined and they become literal Training Dummies for the High-Ranks. One could even be stuffed into a Punching Bag or become a living Target.
  • Each of the Sisters hold their own Tournaments for Self-Entertainment and to allow their Group to prove themselves. The Types of Fights are Selected 1v1s, Random 1v1s, 2v2s, Squads vs Squads, Ranks vs Ranks, Timed Matches and an All-Out Killing Spree Brawl. This one is known as The Judgement Brawl and usually has anywhere from 50 to 250 Fighters.

  Overtime, The Striking Sisters and their Groups have gained Power, Fame and Success beyond what could’ve been expected from anyone. People from all around the World would come to join the Groups. However, a different Group would come in 2026 to rival the Sisters; Helsing.

  Helsing is a Group formed by and filled with those who survived The Striking Sisters’ Groups. In an act of revenge and rebellious desires, they are publicly against the Sisters’ teachings and have gained enough Members to gain plenty of public attention.

  The Leader of Helsing is known as Van Helsing, as his real name is unknown. He was a Dragon-Ranked Member to Adari within The Prideful Potentials, but lost—unfairly in his eyes—and was almost killed in the Yearly Dual, unable to become Adari’s Successor. He was offered a chance to become a Sqaud Member, but denied it all and quit, forming Helsing in his rise of Power.

  Though Helsing is similar to the Sisters in how they run their Group, there are some key differences:

  • Helsing—unlike the Sisters’ Groups—are very forgiving. In fact, they give everyone who joins 3 Strikes; 3 chances to undo their Wrongdoings. The 1st Strike is a Warning, the 2nd Strike is Demotion and the 3rd Strike is being Fired. They only situations where the Strikes don’t apply is when a Member attempts to kill another Member, attempts to kill Van Helsing or is found out to be a Spy for the Sisters.
  • Instead of using Mythical Animals, Helsing uses Greek Gods as Rank Names. Beginning with Heracles—the Second-In-Command next to Van Helsing, it then goes Zeus, Hades, Artemis and finally ending with Apollo as the lowest Rank.
  • Helsing allows Weapons, Martial Arts, Unarmed/Hand-To-Hand Combat and Powers to all be used by its Members. They even allow Mystical Martial Arts.
  • The Helsing Tournaments are Tournaments that has a No Killing Policy and allow all three Styles. They’re usually done in Voted Matches, where people all around the World can vote on which Fighters will be in a Match.

  Helsing’s popularity has continued its growth even today. And although the Sisters have tried, they seemingly cannot get rid of this Survivor-based Group.
  As Helsing’s publicity grew, so did the rivalry within The Striking Sisters’ Groups. Turns out that some Members of one Group despised Members of another. And this only grew with the upcoming of Helsing.

  After a long conversation and enough pressure from the majority of their Members, the Sisters decided to make the biggest Tournament they’ve ever made together; The Titanomachy Tournament. Beginning on August 31st, 2027 and ending on January 1st, 2028, the Fights within the Tournament are planned to take place all around the World. From Russia, the U.S. and Japan to Mexico, Canadaand India, The Titanomachy Tournament has become a Worldwide Event.

  And the Prize, you ask? $15 Million and the Title of Titanslayer. With a Cash Prize that high, it’s no doubt that people will be willing to die in an attempt to win.

  Despite the fact that they despise each other, the Sisters have allowed Helsing to participate. What’ll occur during the Tournament remains to be seen.
  While both Helsing and The Sisters’ Groups worked on preparing The Titanomachy Tournament, one last Organization decided to sneak in and join; Knox

  Knox is a Private Government-based Organization who’s Members are mainly Mercenaries, Hitmen, Private Investigators and members of Law Enforcement. Though they’re based in the U.S., they’ve been all around the World. And they attempt to end Violent Fighting and Underground Battles once and for all.

  The Founder of Knox is Amanda Vermont, a former U.S. Military General. Known for her bravery, ingenious tatics and overall physical strength, she’s feared for creating a Fighting Style based on the Art of Demons. She’s said to also have a Holy Weapon deriving from an Archangel, but nobody knows that for certain.

  Knox is known to have Worldwide connections, resources, information and Allies. It’s actually rumored that some of their Members are from Hell, but that’s not fully confirmed either. Siding with multiple Governments, one might assume that Knox may one day topple over The Sisters and Helsing.

  It’s unknown who the other Members of Knox are, let alone Amanda’s Successor. All that is known comes from Amanda’s own words;

  Everyone will fall. One by one, just like Dominos. Even if I have to publicly kill all three of those Sisters myself in front of the entire Nation, my Goal will be completed. No. Matter. What.
Though fighting’s popularity skyrocketed from the Sisters, they weren’t the only ones who jumped on the bandwagon of Competitions. In fact, this group has been behind the scenes for the majority of Fights for many years, and they’re also Worldwide.

  Known as The Odin Society, this group focuses not just on organizing fights. They also fund them, research effects of Fighting on different Species, create Serums, Robotics, Implants and other forms of Enhancements, investigate Illegal Fights and even participate in some of these events.They dedicates itself to becoming extremely knowledgeable in the Offensive art, planning to use whatever they find for rather unknown reasons.

  It’s also worth noting that the Odin Society is heavily based on Norse Mythology. This can be seen by Members and Associates being given Codenames that’re the names of Norse Gods, naming Weapons and other Equipment from Norse Weaponry and even sometimes naming the Fights and Competitions they organize after events that happened in Norse Mythology.

  The Odin Society is spread through Factions; Countries their Members or Associates work in. Multiple Countries have Odin workers within them. If one person working in one Faction moves to another, then they become apart of that Faction. However, some may be temporarily moved to another Country to complete Missions.

  Then there’s Units. Units are Groups of a specific Task, and all Factions have the same Units. The Units are:

  • Surveillance Unit: A Unit that specializes in observing or monitoring Fights.
  • Sponsor Unit: The Unit that sponsors or funds others’ Fights, but will occasionally fund their own Fights.
  • Investigation Unit: This Unit investigates Illegal Fights alongside sudden Deaths and/or Crimes that were involved or that happened in any Fights that occurred.
  • Research Unit: The Unit that researches effects of Fighting on different Species and create Serums, Robotics, Implants along with other forms of Enhancements.
  • Assemble Unit: A Unit that specifically organizes or creates Fights, Competitions and such.
  • Conflict Unit: The Unit of Fighters who participate in Fights or Competitions.

  At the moment, it’s not fully known who the Heads of the Units are, nor is it known who exactly created the Odin Society. However, it seems to have taken interest in The Titanomachy Tournament. Will they side with the Sisters? Knox? Helsing? To this day, it’s completely left unanswered.

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